These Best-Selling Baby Products Are Incredibly Loved by Walmart-Obsessed Moms

You never really know what to expect when you’re expecting. There are so many things you’ll need when you welcome your new bundle of joy, it can be overwhelming (and time-consuming) to figure out where to start. But your baby registry can bring you one step closer to being as prepared as possible before your newborn’s arrival, so you can always give your baby the best of the best.

And in case you didn’t know, Walmart — the retail giant you already know and love — has a personalized baby registry that offers a wide assortment of premium brands and products at totally affordable prices. It’s personalized in that it offers unique registry list starters — so whether you’re a first-time mom, a working mom, or a mom of multiple children, there is a catered list for every parent. Plus, it’s super easy to sign up, and once you do, you’ll receive a welcome box of goodies.

There’s a reason so many moms are now choosing to register with Walmart — it’s essentially a one-stop shop for baby gear. You can get everything from top-rated strollers to baby wipes in bulk, all conveniently from the same place you do your weekly grocery shopping. Moms-to-be, if you’re ready to register, we rounded up six baby products Walmart-obsessed mamas are loving right now to help get you started. Scroll down to see why parents love them so much — and why you need to add them to your baby registry ASAP.

A Convertible Car Seat

Boasting 4.8-stars and over 1,800 raving reviews, moms are calling this Graco 4-in-1 convertible car seat “the car seat of the future” and “the mother of all car seats.” And why exactly do they love it so much? Reviewers say it will last you the entire time your child needs it. “When I say this is the end all be all of seats… I mean it! This seat will endure from leaving the hospital to dropping them off to kindergarten and beyond,” one customer wrote.

This car seat is truly designed to grow with your child and can accommodate children up to 57 inches tall and up to 120 pounds  — meaning it’ll last you for years (and save you money in the process!). It has six adjustable reclining positions that make it as comfy for your kid as it is convenient for you. Plus, it comes with an easy-to-remove seat cover for those inevitable accidents.

Buy It! Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, $269.99 (orig. $299.99);

A Versatile Travel System

Traveling with a newborn (or kids in general, for that matter) can be super stressful — which is why you need a travel system that converts quickly and easily in any situation. Featuring four different positions, including a carriage mode for sleeping babies, this Urbini stroller is the ultimate all-in-one travel system. It comes with a Sonti infant car seat, which can easily be used in the stroller or taken off and used in your car. Plus, it has a reversible, reclining seat that can go from forward-facing to parent-facing instantly.

“What I like most about the stroller is that you can use it so many different ways,” one parent wrote. “I have never seen one where you can use it both as a place for the baby to sleep on their back while you push them, or that they can sit up in. Being able to look right down into the face of your child is a bonus, with most other strollers you have to stop and walk around to the front to take a peek, or you have to have two different types.”

Buy It! Urbini Omni Plus 3-in-1 Travel System, $169 (orig. $209);

Diapers That Won’t Break the Bank

When it comes to buying diapers, you want ones that hold up and don’t cost a fortune (especially since you’ll be going through them so quickly!). Tons of moms are calling Parent’s Choice diapers their go-to, though some reviewers have pointed out that they are thinner than other diapers, so you can’t leave a wet one on as long. Overall, most agree the cost outweighs the con, considering you can buy a box of 416 diapers for under $40!

“These diapers hold up against the name brand diapers, trust me. I’m a hardcore huggies fan like the rest of them but why pay those prices when these diapers hold up just as well?” one parent wrote. “I wouldn’t go with another brand after trying these, I recommend them 100 [percent].” Parents love them so much, that over 2,400 of them have left these diapers a 5-star review.

Buy It! Parent’s Choice Diapers Size 1– 416 Count, $37.44;

Baby Wipes in Bulk

Thanks to the fact that you can buy them in bulk (at a super cheap price!), parents are stocking their shelves with Parent’s Choice Fragrance Free Baby Wipes. The super soft, plant-based wipes are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for sensitive skin.

“These baby wipes are for more than just cleaning up during a diaper change,” one parent wrote. “I use them as cleansing wipes for my daughter’s hands, face, and feet throughout the day in between her meals and her general exploration while we are home.” Over 1,700 parents agree that despite being cheaper than other name brand wipes, they are just as good — if not better.

Buy It! Parent’s Choice Fragrance Free Baby Wipes 12 Packs of 100, $19.84;

A Baby Swing

Investing in a baby swing will come in handy during those sleepless nights when your newborn doesn’t seem to want to doze off — and moms say this 4moms mamaRoo4 baby swing is worth every penny. Designed to “move like you do,” the swing sways back and forth, bounces up and down, and plays music to comfort your baby whenever you’re exhausted and your arms need a little break. The swing has Bluetooth compatibility, so you can control the speed, sound, and motion from any of your smart devices without disturbing your sleeping bundle of joy.

Reviewers have collectively given it a 4.3-star rating. “We love this seat! So glad we decided to splurge and pay a little more than we wanted to for this,” one shopper wrote. “So much cooler than normal, one motion baby swings! Our little guy is almost 4 months old and he loves it! All the motions and speeds you can choose from and being able to connect your phone to it for music, make this seat well worth it.”

Buy It! 4moms mamaRoo4 Baby Swing, $219.99–$249.99;

A Gliding Recliner

When you picture your dream nursery, you probably imagine a cozy chair in the room to rock your baby to sleep — just like this gliding recliner from Walmart. Hundreds of Walmart shoppers say this best-selling glider and ottoman set is both comfortable and affordable, giving it an overall 4.5-star rating —  some even called it the “perfect new mother gift.”

“We purchased this as a baby shower gift. We chose it because of the previous reviews that were all positive,” one customer wrote. “The expectant parents were thrilled. Didn’t get to see the box opened, but a phone call let it be known that it was beautiful and just what the mother wanted.” The glider’s frame is constructed from wood, so it’s completely durable, but includes padded cushions so it’s also comfortable to sit on. The enclosed metal bearings make this glider completely silent, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your little one as you rock them. Plus, it comes in eight different colors and patterns, so it’ll match virtually any nursery.

Buy It! Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman, $129.99;

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