Generic Evzio (Naloxone) Will Hit Pharmacies Soon

This generic release comes months after manufacturer Kaleo was the subject of a Senate Subcommittee investigation over pricing tactics for brand-name Evzio. Over 4 years, Kaleo increased the price of Evzio from $575 to $4,100 for the 0.4 mg auto-injector, leaving the lifesaving drug too expensive for most.

Luckily, the generic should be substantially cheaper.

How much will generic Evzio cost?

Kaleo announced that they would release the generic naloxone auto-injector at a list price of $178 per carton of two auto-injectors. This is substantially more affordable than brand-name Evzio, which has a list price of $4,100 for two auto-injectors.

How does Evzio work?

Evzio is used for the emergency treatment of opioid overdose. Patients with signs of opioid overdose—such as breathing problems, severe sleepiness, or inability to respond—should immediately be given a dose of Evzio. Patients should get emergency help from a healthcare provider immediately after the the first dose of Evzio.

What other forms of naloxone are available?

In addition to this new generic auto-injector, naloxone is currently available in both a syringe and vial to be administered in the thigh or buttock, and is also available as the brand-name nasal spray, Narcan.

At present, you can go directly to select pharmacies and purchase generic naloxone without a prescription, but the FDA is working to increase access to the opioid overdose drug even more by making it openly available in retail aisles. Unfortunately, there is no timeline yet for when over-the-counter naloxone will be approved, but stay tuned—we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available.

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