How to lose visceral fat: Two at home exercises that ‘immediately burn’ belly fat – expert

Dr Zoe Williams discusses visceral fat on This Morning

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We all have visceral fat in our bodies. It differs from subcutaneous fat, which can be found under skin, as it surrounds your organs. Storing an excessive amount of visceral fat in the body can result in a range of issues including type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

Registered dietician and fitness expert, Nataly Komova, from JustCBD shared the two best exercises for “immediate burning” of visceral fat.

She said: “Losing belly fat can be challenging as it’s hard to target the fat location directly.

“However, certain workouts can quickly aid in belly fat burning.

“I recommend these two exercises for immediate burning and reduction of visceral fat.”

The Russian twist

This exercise focuses on working the upper body and it aids in belly fat burning as you move your body side to side while maintaining a constant position with legs raised high.

Find a comfortable position to sit with your legs lifted and bend the knee.

Using your hands, place a ball or lightweight on chest level, and for more effective fat burning, lean back slightly with your hands apart from your chest.

Move your torso to the left and right as you take short pauses before turning.

Ensure you use your core ribs to move. Avoid turning with the hands only.


One of the best exercises to heighten visceral fat loss as it engages the chest, quads, core, and triceps.

This exercise involves whole-body movement and muscles enhancing calorie burning.

Stand with the legs slightly wide apart with the hips strategically backward.

Drop to the ground in a squatting position till your chest gets into contact with the floor.

Use your hands to raise your body into a plank position and jump as high as you can with your feet supporting all your weight.

It’s not possible to know how much visceral fat is hidden in the body without imaging tests.

But you can get a rough estimate by measuring your waist using the belly button as a marker.

For women 35 inches or more can signal visceral fat and for men it’s 40 inches.

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