Victoria Beckham’s Daily Fitness Regime Is Actually Insane

It’s true what they say, good things really do come to those who wait, you guys. For years, we’ve been left pondering exactly what Victoria Beckham does to maintain her phenomenally fit rig. Clean eating? Cardio? So many questions, so few answers.

Until this recent interview with The Guardian’s Weekend magazine happened. And now we have all the dirty details on her “very, very disciplined” diet and fitness routine. Praise be the VB gods.

The 44-year-old starts 5.30-6am with a 45-minute stint on the treadmill. More specifically, this includes a “mix of uphill fast walking, jogging, running.”

“That’s the only time I watch TV – boxsets, documentaries – so I look forward to that,” she said.”

Next up, her legs, arms and abs get a flogging courtesy of her personal trainer.

“30-minutes legs, 30-minutes arms, toning and conditioning, then loads of plans and that kind of thing for my core,” she explained. “I expect a lot from my body – I’m 44, I’ve got four kids, I work a lot, I travel. For me to do all that, I have to eat healthily and work out.”

That means no slacking off – even when parenting duty calls.

“At the weekend. Will do the whole thing straight through, but in the week I often jump in the car halfway through to take the kids to school, then carry on when I get home,” she said. “I work out every day when I’m at home, and then when I travel I really focus on work so I can get as much done as possible in a short trip and get home.”

As for her diet, it’s pretty restrictive; she’s completely cut out milk and cheese and she never indulges post-sweat sesh. Instead, she’ll opt for a shot of apple cider vinegar, followed by a nutrient-dense brekkie (usually a green smoothie, bowl of homemade cereal or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.) Veggies are also high on her priority list: she likes broccoli, beans and peas, and typically, she’ll accompany these with a lean fillet of fish.

“I never cook. I used to – when we lived in Spain, I used to cook a lot,” she said. “But these days I don’t tend to get home till late, so dinner won’t be ready till quite late. David’s a really good cook.”

Yup, it all sounds a bit extreme, to say the least. But ask her, and Victoria will tell you the gruelling routine is actually a “really positive thing” for her. “It’s part of who I am now, and I really enjoy it.” Plus, it helps with her mental health as well as the physical stuff.

“It’s how It makes you feel. It really gets me ready for the day,” she added. “It clears my mind. It’s also where I have lots of ideas. It’s a time when I’m not on the phone, I’m not with the children, I’m not with David; I can literally just be left alone.”

Whatever works, VB.

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