Our Schumi Fans, have a moral right to information about the condition

Michael Schumacher should not be dragged into this life-situation directly and permanently into the limelight. But the consistent Silence of the family helps neither him nor his pity Fans easier.

More and more frequently is reported that M. Schumacher will start in Motorsport. After a short period of time … but the is but at the time when skiing so tragic an accident it does in my head then click, and it is clear that the message to the son of Michael Schumacher, the now 19-year-old Mick shoemaker, is.

Inevitably, 1 of the world closes itself in the lay of the Formula, the question of what actually happened to the formula 1 legend, Michael Schumacher, Mick’s father. The name parallel Michael and Mick are inevitably contributing to this automated thought process.

Heated discussions about dealing with Michael Schumacher

By reporting to Mick and recent pronouncements of the Bishop Gänswein, the social media is going wild with heated Chats in which part of confrontational debate as to whether we should let Michael shoemaker and his state of health undisturbed or society have a moral right to information.

This is on the one hand an ethical, and on the other a psychological question. For many people, is difficult to understand how a family that should have been generated with the sale of the exclusive rights of the wedding to the Colorful and RTL around half a million euros, and now suddenly a moral right to absolute privacy is pounding.

About the expert

Alina Wilms, a Ph. D. psychologist who has studied in London and Oxford. In addition to her specialization as a Trauma expert, she coaches personalities from business, politics and sports.

In addition to the Accident itself and its immediate family, there has also been a large number of loyal Fans, which also shocked and in honest concern for their heroes were and today. Although the sporty and monitäre success, shoemaker is certainly for the most part, the result of Talent and hard Training, was the moral support of the Fans is guaranteed to also be part of its success story.

His Fans have a moral right to information?

You don’t have a moral right to information, to cope with especially around the own shock finally? How many young men grew up with posters of sports heroes Michael Schumacher on the walls, and how many women have adored him. He is not only an icon, but part of the biography of many people who don’t know what happened to your Idol. To be able to classify whether, and if so, how the recovery is progressing, it could be psychologically beneficial.

A salutary one, a notice of the Fate, it might not be Schumacher’s for thousands of other Person and their dependants, according to the Forbes list with an estimated fortune of around 930 million to the richest athletes in the world, no expensive private clinics can afford to and between two working layers of your loved ones and wrap need to feed.

Shoe makers should be affected as strongly, it would show these other people that a sporting super-hero and multi-millionaire can have accidents, and in spite of this fate and the loss of sporting glory, his people would. Shoemaker should be on the mend, it would believe to many people the courage even of your own healing, and to fight for it.

A new bridge to the world could also help Schumi

Psychologically considered, may be the construction of a new bridge to the outside world is also beneficial for Michael Schuhmacher. The certainty of thousands of outsiders to be loved and worshiped, particularly during the most vulnerable moments of life, is known to move mountains and profound comfort.

Ultimately, the family shoemaker can’t escape the Demands for Michael’s state of health really. It is much more important, how much and in what way you want to information. For this purpose, the family, which consists of seasoned adult members it could be coached, specifically, to say only what is appropriate to the Situation, to set clear verbal and body language STOP-signals at curiosity own Demand and to give a genuine sense of concern, maybe even a few Details, the announcement is tolerable.

Conclusion: As all too often in life is, overall, considered to be the Golden middle ground is the best solution. Certainly, one should not tug Michael Schumacher in this life-situation directly and permanently into the limelight. On the other hand, it is as if you remained silent, a living legend dead, if the society is completely excluded from his life and Suffering.

Proactive versus reactive

Instead of reactively, you could give out to the family proactively in a regular, e.g. half-yearly intervals or at particular developments, mindful of the form of moulded-in-kind information on the health status of Schumi, in order to mitigate the legitimate concerns of the people, and maybe even psychologically healing processes at several levels.