To get cancer of the stomach through the kiss, perhaps because of H. pylori

Helicobacter or Helicobacter pylori bacterium can contribute to the infection of cancer through kissing, – this conclusion of the scientists was published by the Clutch. In particular, according to experts, Helicobacter causing stomach cancer.

Researchers their concern over the fact that the bacterium Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infected more than sixty percent of the world’s population. According to scientists, the H. pylori “refers to the carcinogens of the first class, and this means that the likelihood of cancer of the stomach because of the bacteria – maximum”.

Helicobacter, according to the doctors, provoking the emergence of such problems with the stomach, as ulcer and gastritis. To treat these diseases should be strictly under the supervision of a physician, said the researchers. Self-treatment may play a fatal role in the occurrence of cancer, the experts warned. 8 million people die because of cancer of the stomach in connection with their own negligence, as not timely appealed to the doctor, say data scientists.

Scientists reported that the areola habitat of H. pylori in the human body is very extensive: covering bacteria found in teeth plaque and saliva.

“Therefore, even a simple kiss can serve as a shock mechanism to cancer development,” said the experts.
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