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NOTE: THIS POST IS WITHOUT a NARRATION sound bites ANGELA MERKEL (CDU), German CHANCELLOR SENT:: “Every human being can fall ill to the Virus and, therefore, we have a responsibility to act in the world together. Therefore, it is not only a Chance for common Action, but I would say it is a Must. And Germany has assumed this responsibility and, therefore, we will also ensure that a vaccine is for the benefit of all people, once it has been developed, and also the drugs that are necessary and that the diagnostic possibilities are of benefit to as many people as possible.” “Today is about eight billion euros for the development of a vaccine still estimated. At the same time should be in order also to create the conditions that equal quantities of such a vaccine could be produced, if available. And that is why it is good that now a large Alliance at the 4. May this work and as many actors as possible with financial contributions, these vaccine production, these drug manufacturers and diagnostic capabilities make it possible.” “Germany will participate with a significant financial contribution. I don’t want to announce this today, but I can say that we are watching very actively, the further development. There is a lot of coordination will be needed. It will need a lot of bilateral contacts with other countries. We want to work closely with the world health organization, which has, of course, in this question a key role. In all of these activities, Germany is on the front line, because we continue as a country to the fact that only common Action, of international multilateral Action to us this pandemic can be overcome.”