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The Laundress, an eco-friendly laundry brand that aims to luxuriate household chores, is putting an aromatherapeutic spin on its bestsellers in partnership with the U.K.-based brand Aromatherapy Associates.

The brand’s collaboration with Aromatherapy Associates, formally donned The Laundress x Aromatherapy Associates, reincarnates the former’s hero products — Signature Detergent, Dish Soap and Surface Cleaner — in three of the latter’s most popular scent blends. The Signature Detergent is available in scents “Deep Relax” and “Forest Therapy”; the Dish Soap and Surface Cleaner are available in the scent “Support Breathe.” Prices range from $30 to $45.

The four products are available today on The Laundress’ and Aromatherapy Associates’ respective web sites. Industry sources estimate the collection will do roughly $5 million in retail sales for its first 12 months on the market.

The partnership was ideal given each brand’s distinct markets, said Jalina Saliu, chief executive officer of The Laundress. “With the aromatherapy customer base, it’s as global as we are, but they’re more in spa-like sections of the wellness space,” she said. “It was important for both of us to share our distributions to our customers, and they’re doing the same for us. It’s great in the wellness space to see wellness and these [aromatherapy] blends in different shapes.” The brand added that its DTC channel has seen triple-digit growth throughout the coronavirus pandemic, when cleanliness is an obsession.

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The brands also share similar values, including sustainability and ingredient transparency. Anna Teal, ceo at Aromatherapy Associates, mentioned that the brand has also attained its B Corporation certification. “There are more and more people becoming incredibly conscious of what chemicals they’re using, how sustainable their products and choices are,” she said. “From a lifestyle perspective, people are definitely craving more meaningful experiences, even from everyday rituals.” Aromatherapy Associates has had a strong following since its founding in 1985, including the likes of the late Princess Diana, Teal added.

Each scent was cherry-picked for each product format, Teal said. “What we saw during the pandemic was anxiety levels increasing, and sleeplessness was becoming more prevalent. Creating a therapeutic experience became even more important,” she added. “Our ‘Deep Relax’ blend was created for people with insomnia. We have paired that with the signature detergent, so you can use that product for your bed linens and loungewear to get a relaxing scent.”

The brand’s “Support Breathe” blend is popular for respiratory immunity, Teal added, and the “Forest Therapy” blend is supposed to evoke time spent in nature.

Beyond distribution strategy, Aromatherapy Associates made an ideal brand partner given its heritage brand status, said Gwen Whiting, co-founder of The Laundress. “We’re a heritage brand and we don’t feel the need to release new scents every year or add new stuff,” she said. “This was a strategic partnership: who are really the pioneers and experts in aromatherapy? We knew that wasn’t something we could create ourselves,” she added. “At the back of my mind, I always wanted an aromatherapeutic collaboration.” Aromatherapy Associates also joins Le Labo, which has an ongoing collaboration with The Laundress.

The Laundress was purchased by Unilever last year for a reported $100 million.

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