Strong women’s rights equal to a healthier population?

In Nations where women have many rights, is the health of the population better than in countries which do not or only moderately grant women’s rights. These Nations also develop better in terms of environmental, social and economic factors, a new study in BMJ Open. Even in resource-poor countries, this Trend was observed.

An analysis of data on health, human rights, and economic and social Rights from 162 countries showed that, overall, considered strong economic and social rights with a better health went hand in hand. The researchers assume that this is due to the health expenditure per capita. They divided the countries into three groups, based on the economic and social Rights of women, saw the matter differently: In countries with strong women’s rights the state of health was better than in countries where the rights of women were only moderately or poorly respected.

Even in countries where access to hospital beds and Physicians was below average, but in which the human rights, including the rights of women were highly respected, was the health consistently better than the average. The researchers conclude: "The results confirm that even in the case of a lack of resources, the health results are better if a country has a strong human rights structure."

They point out that, although in many Parts of the world, good economic progress made, the rights of women were overlooked, however, often. The same is true in countries that have signed the UN Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW) under. "Nations would be able to promote the social and economic rights of women, [missing], a critical component for positive health Ergebnisse", you write.