Doctors told how to lower blood pressure without medication

High blood pressure is dangerous because it can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease and cause strokes. As you know, to lower blood pressure help medication. Also to improve the condition of patients, specialists develop special diet and advised to choose the right physical exercises.

But as it turned out, there is another simple way to avoid health problems. An international team of researchers found that lower blood pressure helps exposure to blue light.

The experiment involved 14 healthy men. Their entire body for 30 minutes once a day, subjected to exposure to blue monochromatic light at the wavelength of 450 nanometers. The next day was carried out a control experiment: participants were exposed also blue, but not monochromatic light, for 30 minutes.

Experts explain that for the health of blue light, unlike ultraviolet radiation, not dangerous. The same light present in the day of sunlight, is constantly entering the human body.

During light therapy, as well as two hours before and after the session, physicians recorded the number of indicators of volunteers – blood pressure, pulse, arterial stiffness, the degree of expansion of blood vessels, the level of concentration in plasma nitric oxide.

Then followed the analysis of indicators of the health of patients. It turned out that exposure to blue light reduced systolic blood pressure (also known as the “top” pressure) is almost eight millimeters of mercury. In addition, the participants increased heart rate. In the control test, such effect was not observed.

According to doctors, the General condition of patients was very similar to the condition observed in clinical trials when a person takes the drug to reduce the pressure.

However, it was discovered other positive effects. In particular, exposure to blue light reduced the so-called cardiovascular risk markers, including arterial stiffness. Moreover, the participants improved function of endothelial cells lining the inner surface of blood and lymphatic vessels. Also in plasma of volunteers increased the content of nitric oxide.

Scientists believe that exposure to blue light evoked release of nitric oxide in the bloodstream. When this decreased pressure and increased velocity of blood circulation.

Co-author Professor Christian Heiss (Christian Heiss) from the University of Surrey is confident that the blue light can become the basis of therapies that will help many patients to improve health. This treatment will reduce the dosage of drugs, and in some cases, perhaps, even abandon them (it all depends on how much you want to reduce the pressure).

“Wearable blue light sources can provide a continuous effect is real and practical. This would be especially useful for those whose blood pressure is difficult to control with medications, for example, for elderly people,” — said the Professor, his.

However, the feasibility, safety and long-term effectiveness of new treatment methods professionals remains to be proven in studies with a larger sample of participants, and not only healthy.

The scientific article with a more detailed description of this work published in European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

Recently the doctors have set a new gold standard safe blood pressure readings.

We also add that this is not the first study of the impact of blue light on the human body. Previously, the authors of the project “Conduct.Science” ( reported that such therapy helps to lower stress levels. But the blue light that shines from the screens of gadgets, computers and televisions, destroys the retina of the eye.

Scientists were able to prove the benefits of young blood in the fight against aging

Chinese scientists from Huajumbaro University of science and technology found that plasma transfusions of young blood helps to rejuvenate the liver and its recovery after ischemia-reperfusion. This condition occurs when the cessation of blood flow in the body and is dangerous for older patients. About it reported in a press release on EurekAlert!.

In the experiment, the researchers used three groups of rats. The first animals were given injections of young blood plasma and the other got plasma from old rodents. The third group served as a control, the scientists did not carry out any interventions. Then all animals were subjected to artificially induced ischemia-reperfusion. It turned out that the animals in the first group of the liver to recover from injury much faster.

According to scientists, the results for the first time, clearly support the therapeutic and rejuvenating effect of a transfusion of blood plasma. This procedure may be useful for people, however further research is required to confirm a beneficial effect of the plasma on the liver elderly patients with poor circulation.

Transfusion of young blood restores damaged liver

Experts Huajumbaro University of science and technology in China has received confirmation of the therapeutic effect of the transfusions of young blood plasma. In particular, it became clear what the transfusion triggers mechanisms of accelerated liver regeneration after injury.

In a press release on EurekAlert! it is the opinion of the researchers that plasma transfusions of young blood helps to restore the liver after ischemia-reperfusion. This condition is very dangerous for a man: thus there is violation of blood supply of the liver, caused as consequences of the surgical intervention, and shock States (hypovolemic, hemorrhagic, traumatic, burn, septic shock).

Scientists have conducted an experiment with three groups of rats. In the first group of animals received injection of young blood plasma, the second plasma old blood. The third group was a control. In all three groups of rats subjected to as ischemia-reperfusion.
The results of the experiment were as follows. In the first group, where animals received injections of young blood plasma, the liver has recovered after the breach much faster.

Scientists admit that the method of plasma transfusions of young blood might be useful for people.

Previously, the journal Nature published the findings of a study conducted by researchers from London studied whether blood transfusion to stop the aging process. The researchers came to the conclusion that I can’t, but at the same time they received evidence that such experiences may prevent the development of in the elderly life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease, dementia.

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