Colourpop's Official "Lizzie McGuire" Collection Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Quite frankly, I'd give anything to travel back to an average weekend in the early 2000s. After finishing an excruciating week of learning how basic fractions work at elementary school, I'd wake up early to a homemade breakfast and watch Lizzie McGuire reruns on The Disney Channel until, as my mother would tell me, my brains "turned to mush." Things were just simpler back then — and now, thanks to Colourpop Cosmetics, we can all have a little bit of that well-missed time period back. On March 26, the brand launches its next makeup collection, an official collaboration with the show. 

The Lizzie McGuire x Colourpop Collection includes eight pieces: a 12-shade eye shadow palette, two lip gloss duos, a lip scrub, two multi-use glitter pastes, and two powder blushes — all themed around Hilary Duff's beloved tween TV character. Each product retails for $22 or less (or you can buy the whole line as a bundle for $111) and has the exact color scheme you're likely imagining (think Lizzie's cartoon counterpart with her bright yellow, pink, purple, and blue). 

As an adult, I might not need a training bra anymore, or worry about whether or not my school crush likes me back, or live with prank-loving little siblings — nevertheless, I'll take any Lizzie McGuire goodness where I can get it. And given the TikTok hype that's already accumulated over this collection, I'm certainly not alone. Taking bets now on how quickly this thing sells out. 

The Lizzie McGuire x Colourpop Collection retails for $9 to $22 and is available starting March 26 on 

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