Wellness Central: Josie Maran Gets Into CBD With Skin Dope

Josie Maran is going greener.
The model turned beauty entrepreneur this month launched Skin Dope — a CBD-infused wellness line and corresponding web site, Skindope.com.
Skin Dope Organic Glow Oil,  which is formulated with 50 percent hemp seed oil, launched at Sephora earlier this month. It is priced at $65 and does not contain CBD, but it uses the hemp seed oil and Maran’s signature argan oil to combat the first signs of aging. Another product, Skin Dope Argan Oil Plus 100-mg. CBD, $78, is available on Skin Dope’s web site and is designed to relieve stressed and fatigued skin.
Maran, who is something of a wellness guru and was an early promulgator of the natural beauty movement, was also an early adopter to the CBD movement — she has the hemp-leaf printed pants to prove it.
“We’ve always been a green, ethical brand; it’s true to my DNA growing up in Northern California,” Maran said. "The world has finally caught up."
The Skin Dope web site is designed to be educational, Maran said. CBD is now a booming business, especially in beauty, and she acknowledged that its quick emergence might have left some consumers — especially those who do not share Maran's bohemian California background — confused. The web site breaks down the "hippie science" and contains explanatory content on the benefits of CBD and explaining the definitions of hemp seed oil and CBD, for instance. A FAQ section highlights the difference between hemp and marijuana, and answers the important questions — "Will this product get me high?" for instance.
The Skin Dope brand is 100 percent organic and vegan, which is in line with Maran's all-natural philosophy.
"I've always seen as more of an ethos and way of life than a product brand," Maran said. "My philosophy around beauty is not about your appearance, but how we relate to the world and each other."
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