YouTuber Phil Congelliere Is 'Broken' Over Daughter on the Way's Congenital Heart Defect Diagnosis

In the couple’s vlog post from last week, Phil said in the video he was “incredibly disappointed” at the discovery, at one point breaking down into tears, telling Alex, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s gut-wrenching,” Phil said after learning the news. “It’s exactly what I had, and we thought all genetic screening and everything had ruled this out. It didn’t.”

He added at the time, “It does feel like our journey has been filled with things that have tested us and challenged us, and it feels like it’s gonna be almost impossible here.”

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The couple have documented their emotional infertility journey on YouTube for years, sharing with subscribers the moment Alex found out she was pregnant in a video in September. Later, they posted another video showing Phil’s reaction when Alex surprised him with the news.

“After seven years of infertility, we never imagined we’d get to experience this!” the couple told PEOPLE in November. “Every moment of this pregnancy has been a blessing and brought us immense joy, but it is not lost on us that there are so many in our infertility community who still long for their miracle after their seasons of loss.”

They added: “They are not forgotten, and always in our prayers.”

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