17 Breast Cancer Products for Patients & Survivors

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and there are plenty of ways to help the cause, from fundraising to donating to volunteering with a charity. The illness affects 1 in 8 women at some point in their lives — so the chances that you or a loved one will be (or have already been) impacted are high.

We love pink attire, accessories and household appliances as much as the next person, and they, of course, get major bonus points when a portion of the proceeds goes to breast cancer research. But if you or someone close to you has breast cancer, it’s the practical things that matter.

When going through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, items like hospital gowns and bras designed specifically for breast cancer patients will get plenty of good use. If you or someone you know has breast cancer, the following 15 products will make the treatment process and the path to recovery just a little bit easier and more comfortable.

Mastectomy Pillow and Seatbelt Cushion

Make car rides a whole lot comfier after surgery with this smart pillow, which can be attached to a seatbelt and adjusted for your own specific needs.

The Breast & Chest Buddy Mastectomy Pillow and Seatbelt Cushion, $22.95 at Amazon

The Cancer Conversation Cards

There’s no denying that cancer is tough to talk about. This deck of cards was designed to get patients talking with their loved ones about many of the stickiest — yet most important — subjects along the way.

The Cancer Conversation Cards, $18 at The Cancer Conversation

Breast Cancer Early-Detection Device

It’s crucial to be vigilant about our mammograms and checking our breasts for lumps once a month. But we’re not medical experts, and it’s all too easy to miss important red flags. That’s where the early-detection device comes in. The device provides you with a view of your inner breast tissue so you can have a better gauge of whether or not there’s any sort of abnormality. It is not a replacement for regular mammograms or seeing a doctor, but could help you spot something early on.

Early-detection device, $189 at Pink Luminous Breast

Reusable Fake Nipples

These reusable fake nipples are designed to look exactly like the real deal under clothing — no one will notice the difference when you’re wearing them under a dress, shirt or sweater. They can be worn up to 10 times and come in several skin tones. There’s also a one-time use version available for $9.99. 

Reusable fake nipples, $24.99 at Just Nips for All

Ready-Made Prosthetic Nipples

For something more permanent, you can go the route of ready-made prosthetic nipples. Available in eight skin tones, there are three options: modest (the most authentic look), natural (another authentic look with a less prominent nipple) and bold (a more prominent nipple appearance). Handmade from high-quality silicone, these prosthetic nipples can last for years — so you’ll definitely be getting the most bang for your buck. 

Ready-made prosthetic nipples, $270 at Pink Perfect

‘The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer: Take Charge of Your Recovery and Remission’ by Janet Maker

Drawing from her strong background in breast cancer research, Dr. Janet Maker's guide is an empowering read and reference book for women with breast cancer. We all know ourselves best, and Maker offers insight for women seeking to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. 

The Thinking Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer: Take Charge of Your Recovery and Remission, $16.95 at Amazon

Empower Mastectomy Bra Insert

Post-mastectomy and ready to hit the gym or the running trail? Athleta has got you covered with these affordable bra inserts, which are designed for exercise but can also be worn every day. This is also a lighter option for women who find prosthetic inserts too heavy. 

Empower mastectomy bra insert, $10 at Athleta

Stylish Hospital Gown

“Stylish” and “pretty” aren’t typically the first words that come to mind when we hear the words “hospital gown.” But for patients undergoing radiation treatments, Radiant Wrap has created a number of comfortable, beautiful hospital gowns that are far superior alternatives to the ones provided at the hospital. Created and designed by a breast cancer survivor, these doctor- and technician-approved gowns are available in a number of prints. 

Hospital gown, $52.99 at Radiant Wrap

Postsurgical Drain Kit

After breast cancer surgery, many patients wear postsurgical drains to collect any fluid or air that has drained from where they had the operation. This kit includes a belt to hold the drains and tubing in place and a shower bag. It’s designed with comfort in mind by a breast cancer survivor, so you can rest assured she thought of everything. 

Postsurgical drain kit, $24.99 at Amazon

Shower Shirt

After a mastectomy, many doctors advise that patients don't get the area wet while drains are still in place. Breast cancer survivor Lisa F. Crites designed the shower shirt so women can bathe more easily without risking postsurgical infections. 

Shower shirt, $59.50 at CureDiva

AnaOno Molly Pocketed Plunge Bra

This soft, tee-shirt bra is comfortable, even when your skin is sensitive, and provides support while healing from surgery. It’s wire-free, has removable modesty pads and built-in pockets for adding breast form inserts, if you have them.

AnaOno Molly Pocketed Plunge Bra, $54 at AnaOno

3-Piece Breast Cancer Planner

A breast cancer diagnosis means you’ll have a world of information to keep track of, and this three-piece planner is designed to help patients and their loved ones navigate the treatment process. A year of calendar pages; logs to keep track of side effects; medication, chemo and radiation logs; helpful hints and words of inspiration; and a space to jot down questions are just a few of its features. 

Breast cancer planner, $65.99 at CureDiva

Chest-Access Hoodie

Available in navy and pink, this hoodie was created in collaboration with Oscar de la Renta. Although that explains why it’s so nice to look at, the hoodie serves a far more practical and important purpose: It’s designed so clinicians will have easy access to the chest and port areas during procedures like chemotherapy, dialysis and long-term blood draws. 

Chest-access hoodie, $85 at Care+Wear

Chemo Chic Kit

This is the perfect gift for the person in your life who's undergoing chemotherapy. The kit is chic but practical. It includes an inspirational notebook and pen, a chic chemo head wrap, a beautiful pill container and ice pack, lip balm and a reusable ice pop maker. 

Chemo chic kit, $29.99 at Chemo Kits

‘I Am a Cancer Warrior: 20 Powerful Mantras to Color’ by Kathy Weller

Adult coloring books are known for being soothing and calming, and this one is designed specifically for cancer patients. It features 20 empowering mantras to color and is the ideal way to unwind and reduce stress during an incredibly trying time. 

I Am a Cancer Warrior: 20 Powerful Mantras to Color, $9.99 at Amazon

Bosom Buddy Breast Pillow

This pillow is designed for patients who experience discomfort at night due to side effects from breast compression. Post-surgery, it will quickly become your new best friend. 

Bosom buddy breast pillow, $27 at CureDiva

Surgical Drain Jacket

Designed by a breast cancer survivor who underwent a bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery, this jacket features strategically placed pockets that make it easy to hold and hide surgical drains. It can hold up to eight drains, and proceeds from each purchase are donated to cancer research.

Surgical drain jacket, $39.99 at ItsMySecretJacket/Etsy

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