Check Out the Most Expensive Food to Eat This Holiday Season!

Now that the Holiday Season is fast approaching, everyone is busy checking their list of gifts to buy for loved ones and friends. We’re also busy checking our grocery list for the food we want to prepare in this Festive Season.

While most people want to budget their money for food, some want to treat themselves as well as their family this Holiday Season. They want to experience fulfilling their bucket list of eating fancy food. If you’re one of these people who want to spice up their Holidays and try something new, the food experts recommend you buy these expensive holiday food!

Peking Duck

Average Price Per Pound: $5.07
Average Price Per Package: $27.99 for frozen duck

This fancy dish originated from Beijing (or Peking), China, and has been prepared and served since the imperial era.

This dish originating from China offers a tender and thin, crisp skin and a mouthwatering taste seasoned by renowned chefs worldwide. You can incorporate this exotic dish with cucumber, spring onions, and sweet bean sauce with pancakes around the fillings. You’ll feel as if you’re a royal during the imperial era when you taste the Peking duck‘s goodness!


Average Price Per Pound: $8.52
Average Price Per Package: $99.99 (fresh or frozen ham)
This fancy food is the star of Christmas in many parts of the world like Mexico, the Philippines, Peru, and Spain. The ham is cut from the pig’s rump or back thigh, offering a meaty and tasty dish to eat this Yuletide. While most Americans prefer to serve ham during the Thanksgiving and New Year’s Season, you can spice up your menu by serving glazed ham (which is popular) this Christmas.


Average Price Per Pound: $10.10
Average Price Per Package: $12/bottle

Mead is hailed as “God’s drink” due to its natural fermented ingredients.

Most health experts warn their patients against drinking alcoholic beverages due to their diuretic effect and some of its ingredients may cause harm to your body, but not with Mead. Mead is concocted with fermented honey with water as well as various fruits, grains, hops, and spices – making it an alternative healthy beverage. So if you want to drink to your heart’s content without worrying about your health, Mead is the key!


Average Price Per Pound: $11.99
Average Price Per Package: $5.75
If you want to have a healthy condiment with your bread, you can never go wrong with Pate. Pate is a rich paste made of a duck or pig’s liver or other meat. If you’re not fond of eating meat and its variants, you may opt for choosing seafood or vegetable flavors. It serves as a perfect spread for your warm toast, sandwiches, crackers, and even your appetizers.


You can choose either a plain or chocolate Panettone bread to buy this Christmas Season.

Average Price Per Pound: $13.08
Average Price Per Package: $12.95
This sweet bread made with dried fruits is a popular delicacy that originated in Milan, Italy. Its popularity spread throughout Southern, Southeastern, and Western Europe and it became a star delicacy during the Christmas and New Year Season. Its rich and unique taste even spread through the Horn of Africa.


Average Price Per Pound: $13.28
Average Price Per Package: $30
If you want to have a traditional English meal, then this Pheasant dish is great for you! Experience eating like an Englishman living in England as you serve this delicious bird meal on your dinner tables.

Gingerbread house

Average Price Per Pound: $14.28
Average Price Per Package: $23.96
Want to fully enjoy the Gingerbread house’s delicious goodness? Consider creating your homemade version instead of buying a premade one. Not only are you able to bring the gingerbread natural taste, but it can also be a great bonding time with your kids.


Average Price Per Pound: $15.99
Average Price Per Package: $5.24 for every 1 carbon
If you want a dairy-rich beverage, then you can buy eggnog instead. True to its name, eggnog is an egg milk punch concocted with whipped egg yolks and whites, cream, sugar, and milk. This is a perfect beverage to spike up your holiday spirit.

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