Doctors warning after mum catches childhood disease from a shopping trolley

A doctor has urged parents to take extra care when grocery shopping. The warning comes after a mum claimed she caught hand, foot and mouth disease from a supermarket trolley.

Mum, Sydney Grant, documented her baby’s first shopping trolley experience on a TikTok. But the cute experience turned into a nightmare after the mum broke out in a blistery rash across her hands and face.

Unfortunately, Sydney had contracted a painful illness that most commonly targets children. Known as hand, foot and mouth disease, the condition often starts with a sore throat, high temperature and a lack of appetite.

These initial symptoms are then followed by painful mouth ulcers and a raised rash of spots on the hands and feet. The NHS explains that these symptoms usually get better on their own in seven to 10 days.

After the mum’s TikTok clip gained traction on the social media app, Dr Kunal Sood took to his Instagram to warn parents about how germy shopping trolleys can be.

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Speaking in the video, Dr Sood said: “It is possible to pass an infection from a shopping cart. But do you know exactly how dirty a shopping cart is?”

“Well, a study from the University of Arizona study did show that over 75 percent of shopping trolleys were positive for faecal bacteria. The study even showed that the shopping carts were even dirtier than toilets because toilets were more likely to be clean than the shopping carts.”

Worryingly, hand, foot and mouth disease is not the only health risk posed by shopping trolleys. According to the study’s authors, placing children in grocery shopping carts “has been implicated recently as a source of infection with Salmonella and Campylobacter in young children”.

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They concluded: “The results of this study suggest the need for improved sanitation of shopping carts and baskets to reduce exposure to pathogens and potential transmission of microbial infections among shoppers.” Therefore, parents might want to rethink popping their little ones in the shopping cart seat.

Fortunately, Dr Sood revealed an effective way that could minimise the risk of an infection occurring. He said: “The best way to lower the risk of infection for both you and your kids is to use a disinfecting wipe and make sure you wipe the shopping cart handle.”

What are the red flag signs of hand, foot and mouth disease?

While hand, foot and mouth disease is more commonly caught by children, it also affects adults. The NHS explains that symptoms usually strike in two stages.

The first signs of hand, foot and mouth disease usually include:

  • Sore throat
  • High temperature
  • Not wanting to eat.

During the second stage, symptoms including mouth ulcers and a raised rash of spots on the hands and feet appear. The health service explains that the rash of spots can look pink, red, or darker than the surrounding skin, depending on your skin tone.

The spots can then turn into blisters, which might be grey or lighter than surrounding skin and can be painful. The NHS adds that a pharmacist can help with hand, foot and mouth disease, advising about possible treatments.

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