Tips for home: acrylamide Co avoid

Crispy and crunchy: the most like their fries, Chips, and toast bread the most. During the Heating of starchy foods, however, compounds may be formed, which are carcinogenic. With these four tips, the risk can be minimize.

The most well-known chemical Compounds that can occur during Frying, baking or deep fat frying of foods called acrylamide, Furan, mono-chlorine-PROPANEDIOL, and Glycidol. The Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR), explains in his latest science magazine BfR2GO, what consumers can do to avoid the substances.


In April of this year, it had managed to acrylamide in the headlines. The reason is that a EU regulation with new rules and limit values for acrylamide in Chips, French fries, and baked goods. Acrylamide is formed when carbohydrate rich foods are heated, for example, in the oven or in the fryer. The substance is considered as potentially carcinogenic.

Tip: Who fried potatoes, French fries, toast bread or biscuits prepared, pay attention, this is not too strong to get a tan. The motto is: only as long as necessary and as low as possible heat. "Gold plating instead of Verkohlen" – the BfR-tip.


Furan is especially in roasted coffee, canned food, infant baby foods in jars and ready meals. The fabric, which is also considered as potentially carcinogenic, is formed when carbohydrates, amino acids, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and unsaturated fatty acids during Roasting, and when Heated to react in closed vessels.

Tip: it is best to meals and baby food from fresh, Raw products and prepare their own. Who wants ready-to-heat meals, canned soups and baby food, do this at a low heat and Stir in a pot without a lid. As a result, the furan content decreases according to studies, 66 percent. Coffee in moderation to be filtered, drinking.

Mono-chlorine-PROPANEDIOL, and Glycidol

Both substances are considered to be potentially carcinogenic and are formed when crude oils are treated during refining with hot steam.

Tip: In already processed foods and in food ingredients such as Oil and grease can consumer the content of mono-chlorine-PROPANEDIOL, and Glycidol. But beware: The hazardous substances can also occur when vegetable Oils or fats are heated in Roasting and salted foods, come in contact with. Vegetables, fish and meat so the Roast salt and unsalted marinades to use.