Nuts help to get rid of belly fat

If you want to lose weight quickly, but also to keep the figure simple proportions, then you definitely need to include in your diet nuts. This is the conclusion reached by researchers.

Strict calorie counting is not always the most healthy way of losing weight. In fact, starvation or depriving yourself of certain nutrients have negative influence, and in the long term, people get better. Today’s fitness fanatics pay much more attention to varieties of food that they consume, not the total number of calories. Particularly popular are diet high protein as they contribute to weight loss and muscle growth. However, researchers from Harvard University found that certain foods can prevent further weight gain.

Some nuts, including almonds not only help you lose weight, but also ensure the preservation of cherished proportions. Studies involving 126 000 men and women showed that daily consumption of one to two servings of all types of nuts is associated with a reduced risk of weight gain or obesity during the four-year interval. One portion of nuts are considered to be 28 grams or two tablespoons of peanut butter. One of the most useful was the walnut almond, because it helped to lose much more fat under the skin, especially belly fat.

12 weeks of continued study involving healthy adults with overweight and obesity. Some of them were of a diet low in calories, and part is consumed daily almonds, which accounted for 15% of total calories per day. Overall, the walnut diet appeared to be the most useful. Nuts and peanut butter are a great source of healthy fat, fiber and protein. They provide a lasting feeling of fullness that frees us from the temptation to RAID the refrigerator. (READ MORE)