Bindi Irwin’s Daughter Grace Steals Her Mama’s Phone & The Video Is Priceless

Lights, camera, action — Grace Warrior is ready to be a star! The 19-month-old saw something she liked in mom Bindi Irwin’s phone (namely: her beautiful face) and decided to take off with it. Naturally, it resulted in the cutest video ever!

It starts in selfie mode, as Irwin holds her daughter and smiles at the phone. “Hey!” She waved to the camera. But when Grace catches sight of herself, it’s all over. She grabs the phone and races off. I mean, can you blame her? The girl is adorable!

The resulting video is a blur, as Grace runs through the wooded area with the camera, offering close-up glimpses of her dirt-covered face. You can see her pretty brown eyes, a nice view up her nose, and an adorable duck-lipped pout before Bindi manages to wrestle the phone back. Moms of toddlers can deeply relate. No phone — or remote or anything off-limits really — is safe from crafty little ones.

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“Grace taking my camera to film herself is the best. Ever,” Irwin wrote in the caption, and we have to agree. She’s a future star, for sure!

Others agreed. One person wrote, “Lol her running away with the phone got meeeee 😂.”

Another thought the late Steve Irwin would be so proud of the little Wildlife Warrior. “Your Papa is just giggling with joy over this future documentarist,” they wrote.

“Ugh she’s so perfect! 😍” someone else wrote.

One person commented, “She is the absolute cutest and is the best little vlogger! 💗🥰📸”

Grace sees her mom, her dad Chandler Powell, and the rest of her family film for their Crikey! It’s The Irwins show, plus she is frequently a star in Irwin’s Instagram, so it’s no wonder she wanted to make a video herself. If Grace gets her own show, we would absolutely be tuning in!

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