eBay bans infant inclined sleepers, other companies urged to do same

eBay’s decision to ban infant inclined sleepers from its platform, including nonrecalled sleepers, was welcomed by Consumer Reports, which urged other companies to do the same.

Consumer Reports said eBay’s ban was based on information from Consumer Reports and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) about the dangers posed by inclined sleepers. Last week, Consumer Reports sent letters to 15 retailers, online platforms, and trade groups urging them to immediately halt sales of all infant inclined sleep products.

Earlier this year, a Consumer Reports investigation revealed that inclined sleepers were linked to dozens of infant deaths, and the CPSC has reported 73 infant deaths associated with the products. More than 5 million infant inclined sleep products have been recalled, but many inclined sleepers are still for sale and in use, according to Consumer Reports.

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