How to encourage your newborn baby to play

Parents can play simple games, like stretching the baby's arms or do a pedalling exercise with their legs.

Play is beneficial for a baby’s development. Through play, they learn to move their hands and legs, which helps them develop motor skills. It also boosts their social skills where they learn to interact with parents and others through the act of playing.

Here are some ways in which parents can encourage their babies to play:

Respond to coos

Pay enough attention to your newborn and respond to their soft murmuring sounds. Your baby should be encouraged to use their voice frequently, an important step towards learning language and communication skills.

Put colourful toys around the baby

To attract your baby’s attention, place colourful and musical toys around them. Soon, you will find your little one touching the toys. Start keeping the toys at a distance, which will encourage them to stretch their bodies to reach the toys, gradually helping them crawl.

Dangle objects

You can dangle rattles and colourful toys to draw your child’s attention. Move the toy from one side to the other and see how your baby follows the object or its sound.

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Entertain your baby

Sing to your baby, clap your hands and make gestures while talking to them. You will find your little one responding to you.

Help them move their limbs

Parents can play simple games, like stretching the baby’s arms or do a pedalling exercise with their legs.

Give tummy time

Giving enough tummy time will help strengthen your baby’s neck and muscles and achieve developmental milestones. Follow these tips to ensure your baby gets tummy time.

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