North West Shows off Her Impressive Makeup Skills by Transforming Into a Popular Christmas Character

She’s charming, talented, and not-at-all mean, yet somehow, North West channels the Grinch perfectly in her latest TikTok! Kim Kardashian’s daughter got in the holiday spirit last night with a new video showing her transformation from 9-year-old girl to The Mean One. Everything from her expert makeup skills to her spot-on lip synching is impressive.

In the video, North pretends to be Dr. Seuss’s famous green grump by matching her lips to a quote from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. “Four o’clock, wallow in self pity,” she mouths while doing her makeup. “Five o’clock, solve world hunger. Tell no one.” All the while, she’s applying foundation and green face makeup, painting her nose black and giving herself whiskers, adding shading to create depth, applying pink to her lips, and giving herself bold green eyeshadow.

By the time she gets to “Seven o-clock, wrestle with my self-loathing,” North is fully Grinch-ified, and it looks amazing! It’s so jaw-droppingly good, she would scare the Whos from Whoville for sure.

Kardashian told Jimmy Fallon in June 2022 that North enjoys doing special effects makeup.

“She’s really into special effects makeup. She does, like, really good like wounds and scars and she’s really good at it,” the SKIMS founder said. “She’s been taking classes.”

North enjoys doing her own makeup, but she also enjoys doing her makeup on her family members. Last December, she did a gory makeover with her mom, and last month, she did her aunt Kylie Jenner’s makeup (using Kylie Cosmetics, of course!). She also recently used makeup to play a cute Christmas prank on her 3-year-old brother Psalm — all without him waking up!

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She’s developing quite the talent for special effects makeup, and it’s so cool to see North in action!

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