The Brand Making Safer, Chemical-Free Diapers Just Launched at Target

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Do you ever stop to think about what kinds of chemicals and toxins are lurking in your baby’s diapers and wipes? Unlike things like tampons, pads and even adult diapers — all of which are considered medical devices — the FDA doesn’t regulate diapers and wipes for babies. That means companies technically don’t have to be transparent about what they use to build a better, more absorbent diaper — and those things often include toxins and carcinogens like formaldehyde. Scary, huh?!

But manufacturers are finally waking up to the potential dangers of traditional disposable baby products. To this end, Healthybaby, a brand devoted to producing products that support babies’ brain development, just launched a first-of-its-kind collection of diapers and wipes at Target starting at $13.99. The products are totally nontoxic, and not just by Healthybaby’s standards — they also meet the Environmental Working Group’s strict standards, meaning they’re screened for a whopping 900 chemical compounds.

Healthybaby’s founder, Shazi Visram, worked with a team of doctors, scientists and biologists to get her company off the ground, and she takes pride in what she refers to as ‘enlightened baby care’ essentials. “If one thing has been resoundingly clear from our work with leading physicians and scientists, it’s that a baby’s brain is extremely sensitive to their environment,” Visram said in a press release for Healthybaby’s big Target collab. “Our goal at Healthybaby is to support parents with the products and information to create resilience in their children’s developmental health.”

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Healthy Baby Disposable Diapers

Healthybaby Disposable Diapers are one of the brand’s initial offerings at Target, starting at just $29 for a 70-pack. You won’t find any formaldehyde, pesticides, VOCs or more than 2,800 of the other poisons present in some traditional diapers. What you will find are natural, plant-based ingredients — all disclosed on the packaging — as well as organic cotton construction. 

Healthybaby Disposable Diapers get clever about being just as absorbent and effective as traditional diapers, though. They use sustainable technology to make the diapers more absorbent and Clean Air Channels to keep them dry, for instance. Because they’re organic, though, they don’t integrate a wetness indicator — that would require a chemical dye that Healthybaby prefers to keep out of its products.

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Visram tells SheKnows that if parents could afford only one Healthybaby, they should budget for disposable diapers — they’re that important. “There really are no health and safety standards for diapers, but they are the first product that will ever touch your baby, and something they will wear 24/7 for the first few years of life while their bodies and brains are developing,” she explains.

“Every individual material and ingredient in our diapers and pant style diapers are Environmental Working Group (EWG) VERIFIED and listed. Not only that – our diapers are everything parents expect – super soft with only plant-based materials touching baby’s skin, and made rigorously in Europe [where they’re manufactured] to be the highest performing using less material.”

Healthy Baby Wet Baby Wipes

Healthybaby also sells Wet Baby Wipes for just $13.99 for a pack of 192 wipes at Target. They’re packed with natural, skin-soothing ingredients, like organic aloe, honeysuckle, chamomile and vitamin E — in fact, all ingredients included in these wipes are water- and plant-based. Like all Healthybaby products, they’re hypoallergenic, plastic-free and so, so soft.

And right now, the company is running an exciting promotion. When you buy a box of Healthybaby diapers or wipes sold at Target, you’ll find a Golden Ticket inside; when you find yours, go to to enter to win one of five $10,000 prizes that go toward your baby’s educational future. “Just as early investments in a baby’s brain development yields exponential returns in their future potential, early investments in their education yields exponential returns through the power of compound interest,” says Visram.

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