Your Kids Are About to Get FANCY

Parents of fashion-savvy kids rejoice! Rent the Runway Kids is finally here, and it’s serving up dozens of haute couture looks at budget-friendly prices.

The line currently features 35 dresses from designers like Fendi, Marc Jacobs, and Stella McCartney for a fraction of the original cost (for example, a $525 Semsem Girls dress is available to rent for $64).

Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman celebrated the RTR Kids launch on Wednesday in a heartfelt Instagram post featuring her daughter.

“I’m participating in this launch not only as the CEO of Rent the Runway but also in my most important role, as a mom to my daughter, Aurora,” Hyman wrote. “I hope this launch will bring even more fun and whimsy to every mother-daughter moment for all of our customers.”

Who doesn’t love their fashion with a side of #LifeGoals?!

You can take advantage of RTR Kids’ offerings two ways, either by paying for a one-time rental or by subscribing to one of the company’s service plans. For one-time rentals, you simply select which dress you’d like to try and how long you’d like to have it (your options are four or eight days). The company will send you two sizes just in case. Each transaction comes with free returns and dry cleaning, and the company allows you to exchange items last-minute if they don’t work out.

People with either the RTR Update or RTR Unlimited plans can add kids’ items to their clothing rotations at no additional cost to their current plans, which ring in at $89 per month and $159 per month, respectively. Currently, the site is offering discounted trials for both plans — just in time for all of your spring adventures!

Is it worth the money to dress your kids in designer threads? Ultimately, that’s for you to decide. While no child certainly needs to sport Marc Jacobs for picture day or birthday parties, there are a couple of major benefits to renting. First, you don’t actually have to buy an outfit they’ll only wear once or twice (subscription members do, however, get steep discounts on RTR clothing if they do want to purchase). Second, clothes sharing and renting can help combat the environmental and social impacts of fast fashion.

If renting isn’t your thing, there are still many places to buy cute and affordable kids’ clothes online. Happy browsing!

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