61-Year-old brings her own grandchild to the world

Actually, your quote was meant as a joke. “If you want me to opt your Baby, I would not hesitate for one second,” said Cecile Eledge her son Matthew. But the 32-Year-old and his 29-year-old fiance Elliot from the U.S. state of Nebraska held the idea that a 61-Year-old in the Menopause, could bring a Baby to the world, for pretty far-fetched. But when the Couple tell at a consultation appointment for a surrogacy of his Doctor of the joke offer, is not this the proposition as absurd.

Because, as the American media portal “buzzfeed news” reported, Cecile Eledge for your 61-years in top physical shape. After a few Tests, the Doctors agree that The woman has taken her life to a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, is healthy enough for a fetus to term.


Grandmother with grandson child

After the first start-up Eledge was pregnant. With an Egg, donated by the sister of the fiance with the sperm of her son has been fertilized. This is possible thanks to the supply of Estrogen, which brought the 61-Year-old for the first time after ten years of Menopause your period. “It was actually strange,” says Eledge. “But I remember that it was only temporary.”

Mother and son are now officially parents

Recently, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl to the world. Without complications and in a natural way, as it is called. Also your pregnancy, have your bereitetet never had a problem, so the 61-Year-old “I had the same symptoms as with my previous pregnant,” says the mother, who has three children. “I had the same morning sickness, which lasted but a little longer and I had shortness of breath. But I have trained, walked, and actually, this time it was even easier for me. Because I’m older, it was easier to control my diet and I didn’t by the way, a responsibility for other children,” says Eledge. And your husband? “I was confident and never had Years of negative thoughts,” says the 66.

But without complications, it should not go. Because strictly legally speaking, Eledge and her son Matthew are now officially the parents of little Uma. As required by the law in Nebraska, and so it is also in the birth certificate. The fiancée of Matthew must, therefore, a petition for Adoption. “Should I, God forbid, during this lengthy process to die: Elliot should have absolutely no custody of our daughter,” says Matthew. “We have marriages for homosexuals, but a structure that has not caught.”

Source: “Buzzfeed News”