Always cold hands and feet? Behind the Flammer syndrome can plug in

Slim people suffering from permanently cold feet and cold hands, should be medically checked out. Because often the Flammer syndrome which can lead to risky complications such as glaucoma may result. Especially a group of people is often affected.

Normally, slim people have a better health prognosis than thickness, because for many diseases, the benefit for example of Obesity, there is a much lower risk. Nevertheless, there are diseases, which may relate specifically to slim people, even if they are sporty and well trained.

For this purpose, the so-called Flammer syndrome, which was named after the Swiss ophthalmologist Josef Flammer is part of. In the 80s, he and his Team discovered that people with normal-pressure glaucoma (glaucoma without increased eye suffered internal pressure) is often a primary vascular Dysregulation (PVD), a disorder of the eyes blood circulation. In the course of the studies showed that in people with PVD often also other symptoms:

  • cold hands and feet
  • low blood pressure
  • extended sleep time
  • low feeling of thirst
  • sensitive to medications
  • sensitive to smells
  • sensitive to pain
  • wetterfühlig
  • Tinnitus
  • Muscle cramps

Psycho-social component is particularly important for women affected often

In addition to a lean physique, the researchers also noted a psychological component: As people who are successful and perfectionistic suffering, often under the Flammer syndrome.

This psycho-social component, Dr. Olga golubnitschaja MD, Director of Experimental radiology at the University hospital of Bonn attaches a special importance. The frequently described symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg: “Beneath the surface, among other things, a specific psycho-social behavior,” the Doctor lies.

This means that "… Affected a pronounced sense of perfectionism and a clear prioritisation for the needs of others showed to the own. In addition, they suffer from a self-induced Stress-spiral,“ says the Doctor. Most commonly, the following groups of people: women, Academics were affected.

Of skim cancer addiction to breast many of the diseases associated with the

So the Doctor shows in a recently published book ("Flammer Syndrome: From Phenotype to Associated Pathologies, Prediction, Prevention and Personalisation", Springer 2019), the Flammer-syndrome is not only with normal-pressure glaucoma in connection: “Our findings show clearly that the Flammer-syndrome is of great clinical importance”. It is also for psychiatric disorders such as anorexia relevant, as well as cardiovascular, immunological and oncological diseases as well as for mouth and vaginal dryness, chronic inflammation and slow wound healing, breast cancer and strokes at a young age.

Because the symptoms of Flammer syndrome occur early in life, usually in adolescence, calls the Doctor for an early diagnosis: “In this age, you have the rare Chance of reversible damage to Health to operate cost-effectively – on the contrary, at advanced age, when the already clinically manifested diseases often only of limited effectively treat,” said the Doctor.

In General, the symptoms starting during puberty and in old age again, in the case of women, for example, after the Menopause.

Treatment Options

Whether and how the Flammer-syndrome is treated depends on the symptoms and how severe they are pronounced. In the case of a normal-pressure glaucoma may be the same as the normal glaucoma pressure-lowering eye drops or a surgical procedure is necessary. Nevertheless, a three pillars-based therapy can improve symptoms:

  • Life style: This includes the reduction of Stress as well as a good protection against the cold. A healthy sleep helps reduce Stress as well as regular exercise – but not excessive.
  • Diet: Because of extremely slim people an increased disease risk, it is important to have a normal weight. In the case of low blood pressure, a higher salt and fluid intake should be. Moreover, the inclusion of Omega-3 fatty acids, strengthens blood vessels, for example in the Form of fish blood. Medical professionals also recommend antioxidant diet with lots of berries, tomatoes, cocoa, and Green and black tea.
  • Medications: Magnesium helps in the regulation of blood flow. Therefore, physicians recommend the intake of at least 10 to 20 mmol a day. Also Ginkgo biloba, which is applied in the case of circulatory disorders as well as Tinnitus and dizziness can help those Affected.

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