Artificial shoulder joint involves risks

A surgery, when an artificial shoulder joint is used, for persons among 60 and 85 years, not always as desired. Particularly in younger men further surgery is often required, and older people are surprisingly plagued often of serious complications.

According to a recent study, in the case of four men aged 55 to 59 years, the risk for further interventions, especially during the first five years after the Operation. In the over 85-Year-olds, however, often results in serious complications such as heart attacks, blood clots and chest infections within the first 90 days after surgery. The researchers report in the journal BMJ.

You give to bear in mind that patients should be informed prior to the decision for an artificial shoulder joint on these risks. In particular, younger men should be aware that it can cause premature failure of the shoulder rate and the need for further and more complex operations.

The Team from Oxford University has determined on the basis of hospital data accurate estimates of Risk for complications and the risk of revision surgery after shoulder replacement surgery. More than 58,000 interventions were analyzed, which were carried out between April 1998 and April 2017 in the case of adults aged 50 years and above in England. The average age of the patients at surgery was 72 years and the follow-up period was an average of 5.6 years.