Fat kids become overweight adults: especially the pre-school time is dangerous

Cream puffs and small rescue rings on arms and legs: What parents find the newborn still cute, by then, to the Problem, if the weight of the Small developed normal – and instead, always continue to increase. Overweight in early childhood is not a trifling matter, but it could lay the Foundation for lasting excess weight, indicate researchers from the University of Leipzig in a study. The researchers analyzed data from more the 51,000 children from birth (0 years) up to the age of majority (18 years). The results, published in the October issue of the scientific journal “New England Journal of Medicine”.

Obesity in early childhood usually remains until adulthood

One of the main findings of the study: fat kids will have to fight with great probability, as a young adult with being Overweight. Children who were in the first two years of life, obese, had a Chance of 50:50, to be later normal weight. The children were three years old, declined the Chance to less than ten percent. This means that 90 percent of the obese three years later as adolescents are overweight.

A particularly critical Phase, therefore, is the small child age before Enrollment. “We could show with our data that the weight of young people with Overweight and obesity has increased most between two and six years,” reports Antje Körner, Professor of pediatric research at the University of Leipzig, in a communication to the study. Thereafter, the BMI of children affected has increased. The extent of the obesity worsened from year to year.

Children doctor warns

Thickened heart muscle, broken joints: thickness children similar Suffering, such as older adults

Small child the age of two to six years, is particularly critical

Grains advises parents and pediatricians to increased mindfulness: “excessive weight gain in children under six years of age may be an early sign for future obesity.” The weight and growth of children should be observed in the early period. Of course, not everyone in thickness of adults is to be even as a child, dick. “However, if Overweight begins already in the (early) age of the child, it remains in the least.”

According to the Federal centre for health education (BZgA), approximately 15 percent of all 3 – to 17-Year-olds in Germany are overweight. Every second to third child is considered as obese. Obesity in childhood carries with it risks: The joints can wear faster as a result, the fat and sugar metabolism. The soul suffers – depression and anxiety disorders can be the result.