Food migraine trigger

Table of contents

  • In migraine: foods you should avoid
  • Two steps of a food-related migraine prevention
  • Coffee can trigger migraines
  • Glutamate can trigger migraine
  • Nitrite-containing foods can trigger migraine
  • Alcohol can trigger a migraine
  • The diet protects against migraine
  • Avoid foods that migraine trigger

In migraine: foods you should avoid

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center, announced in the November 2016, that migraine attacks are frequently caused by the following so-called triggers (triggers) can be caused:

  • Of caffeine or caffeine withdrawal
  • Of food, the mono-sodium glutamate (flavor enhancer)
  • Of highly processed foods, which have a high nitrite content
  • Of alcohol-containing beverages

Two steps of a food-related migraine prevention

Two steps for the prevention of migraine attacks recommend the scientists around Dr. Vincent Martin, Professor at the faculty of Internal medicine of the University of Cincinnati and migraine expert at the Headache and Facial Pain Center at the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute.

Came to this conclusion by the researchers after the review of more than 180 scientific studies focused on the influence of diet on the susceptibility to migraine attacks.

You can Professor Martins Review Diet and Headache online in The Journal of Head and Face Pain to retrieve.

Coffee can trigger migraines

Coffee is one of those foods that may trigger migraine attacks – and usually not then, if you drink it, but particularly if you drink it as a caffeine addict. After all, who is accustomed to coffee, and then, for once, omitted, in the device in the caffeine withdrawal, which can now trigger a migraine attack. Caffeine addicts migraine patients should not reduce your usual coffee dose suddenly to Zero.

Who never drinks coffee or not on a regular basis, the device naturally in the first place in the spiral to have to drink coffee to prevent a migraine attack. It is not so, in fact, the coffee that protects against migraine, but it is the Caffeine, migraines, promotes.

Who is migraine-prone, and the coffee would get out of the habit should, therefore, do so slowly, for example, as we have described here: you have to get used to the coffee (under point 6).

Who wants a migraine-prone and continues to be coffee drink, should take per day not more than 400 mg of caffeine. In a small Cup with about 125 ml coffee 120 mg of caffeine.

Because it’s not just caffeine withdrawal, but too much caffeine can trigger in migraine patients with a migraine. In addition, it can come with too much caffeine to anxiety or depression, explains Dr. Martin.

Glutamate can trigger migraine

Particularly strong migraine trigger foods that contain the flavor enhancer glutamate, also. Glutamate is found in many processed finished products, to impart a savory flavor, such as in frozen or eingedosten ready meals, soups, Snacks, Dressings, spice blends, Ketchup, barbecue sauces, and in almost all of the Asian ready-made meals. Also most of the Restaurants are today without glutamate.

Particularly easy to glutamate can lead to headache and migraine when it is taken in the Form of liquid foods, such as soups.

If you are cooking right now-made from fresh ingredients more frequently even and the number of the finished dishes reduce in your food plan, then you also reduce enormously the daily-absorbed glutamate amount, and thus, your migraine risk.

Nitrite-containing foods can trigger migraine

Nitrites are substances in the Form of conservation, in particular, in meat and sausage products, in order to preserve the red color. Nitrite can convert in the body to carcinogenic nitrosamines. Also, it can oxidize the hemoglobin (red blood pigment), which causes the red blood cells get problems with the transport of oxygen. The result is a lack of oxygen with the Performance issues and limited organ system functions.

Dr. Martin writes, that you have found in one study that five percent of migraine patients have an increased risk for a migraine attack, if you take the nitrite-containing foods.

Therefore, pay attention when buying ready-to-sausage – and meat products, whether or not in the list of ingredients nitritihaltige preservatives are listed, including, for example, the salt brine.

Alcohol can trigger a migraine

Alcohol is one of the most important, most common, and most well-known Trigger for migraine attacks. Especially vodka, and red wine and histamine-rich beverages are a trigger of headache and migraine.

The diet protects against migraine

The above-mentioned healthy and nutritious diet for the prevention of migraine thus includes firstly, the avoidance of alcohol, caffeine, and nitrite – and glutamate-containing foods.

Secondly, it is recommended to pay attention to the fat quality of the diet, to a balanced Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio (for Details, see here: mounted in a omega-3 needs). These Oils, such as sunflower oil, safflower oil, corn oil and soybean oil are banished from the kitchen, while one uses olive oil, hemp and Flaxseed oil or Omega – 3-rich food supplements.

Not only the type of grease used, the amount of fat is important. So has proven to be a susceptibility to migraine, a diet, in the fat, only 20 percent of the daily calorie amount .

The consumed carbohydrates will be the Chaldeans, to show, moreover, fully, to avoid blood sugar fluctuations that are also migraine triggers – such as we have described: migraine stop

This means that sugar and Auszugsmehle be avoided, while it uses whole grains, and only healthy Sweeteners it sweetens, we had presented here: The healthiest Sweetener

Avoid foods that migraine trigger

It’s worth it, exceptionally, to avoid the above mentioned food that can trigger migraine.

For more information about factors that can trigger a migraine, as well as to natural healing measures that can help a migraine cure, can be found here:

  • Migraines by aspartame
  • Meditation for migraines

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