Hope guide for more Confidence

Hope for a better tomorrow

Under hope, we understand today, a positive expectation, generally, without an objective reason. Hope is the opposite of despair, and is linked to this. In General, we hope that if something is certain, or even, when practical methods to achieve a goal, have failed. How do we overcome despair and hope? This includes the following Overview:

  • Hope can also describe an active and a passive state.
  • Active hope means to see an important event, occurrence or destination on the horizon, to wish, to believe that this admission, it also, but to know that one’s own possibilities to achieve it are limited.
  • Hope the self-healing of the body can promote.
  • Who hopes to be actively looking for unconventional Ways to reach his goal. Active Hope to be motivated.
  • Who hopes to be passive, obstructed, however, its own activity, which could improve a precarious Situation.

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Bounce and fidget

Hope comes hopen from the low German word, what bounce means, clearly, still today, in the English hop. Transfer hops so the Hoff at the end in anticipation of something to Come. He’s facing the future in a positive way, in contrast to the Hopeless, the future appears black. While despair is the hope, accompany anxiety and concern, our hopes.

Rare hope is absolutely. The expectation that the future is positive, has been accompanied by the fear that this hope might be deceiving. Unauthorized hopes, we refer to as illusions. Hope directs towards a goal, it means trust goes hand in hand with a subjective interest on the encouraging possibilities of the future.

The Principle Of Hope

Hope in the religious sense is one of the leitmotifs of Christianity, and is accompanied by a firm Faith in the Almighty God. In the 20th century. Century, however, defined by Ernst Bloch: hope philosophically. Bloch sees hope as a forward-looking expectation, the results from the biological drive for self-preservation, but it goes further. Because to reach in the hopes of associations, this expectation of the reflective reason, the desired goals in reality.

This kind of hope is not a passive subject under a fictitious God, but an active Action in the world. You mean, with a Problem, to look for changes and actions taken to resolve the Problem. For Friedrich Nietzsche hope, however, was the Worst in the world, because they prolong the agony of the people.

Today’s Definitions

Current definitions of hope are the main points of agreed that

  • Hope, positive is busy
  • in the future,
  • for the hope which is realistic appears, regardless of whether others judge this even so, and regardless of the fact that the realization of great troubles in using,
  • Hope associated with self-competence approach to psychotherapy offers the potential, in the sense of “Believe in yourself”,
  • traditional ideas with the hope to describe more of a workhorse, but a passive attitude, so the Wait for outside help,,
  • other concepts of hope transcendent position as “fate”, “cosmic force”, the Christian God, a metaphysical justice, or in the Belief in technical progress. Here, there are still differences between a passive Expect salvation or the (magic) Believe that these “cosmic forces” in a targeted wiretap.


Charles Richard Snyder studied in the 1980s, what Hope triggers mentally. Thus was the Hope with Reflection on targets linked to and governs the determination to take these objectives. Added to this is the optimism, to find ways to achieve these goals. He suspected that Hope drives people to focus on your goal. Full of hope, were less discouraged. You do not come, they searched for alternative paths instead of the lift. In this Definition, Hope goes hand-in-hand with Motivation. Hopelessness leads, however, to goals, to abandon and to refuse to accept alternative solutions.

Snyder referred to the fact that hope is strong, students would have better grades and study better year. Snyder’s approach was criticized in the episode, because his hope term does not allow for any content-based separation of concepts such as optimism, self-control or self-Belief. In addition, he also from clamp hopes that people, especially then, when there is no way in sight to achieve set goals – a hope term, Nietzsche referred, in accordance with the hope, just then beginning, if there is no rational way to improve a Situation.

An Expectation Of Feeling

Psychologically is an expectation emotion, Hope. If we imagine a future event, specially created by our brain, an image model, in the Positive or in the Negative – regardless of any “objective reality”. This can also be a picture of Fear – here, the expectation would be negative. The hope of feeling means that I now have the Conviction that this is a positive event possible, and secondly, it springs from the desire that it occurs.

Typically, for a hope, feeling, moreover, that the wish has no or only little influence on this Happening. This applies, for example, for a doctor, a cancer patient says, “there is hope” and at the same time believes that the cancer of white heals, and healing wish, however, that his own opportunities to contribute are limited.

Motivating or demotivating?

If Hope motivates people or demotivated is because, if the expectation is active or passive. Active hope promotes Motivation by hiding negative expectations and doe Concerned to be inspired to collect information, which will make the Hoped-for possible – even when conventional methods have failed.

Passive Hope, however, can lead to the exact opposite. Instead of being self-active, wait for the hope on something outside of your control. This is particularly true for the religious hope that a supernatural being will fix it. This is also true for Hope in the sense of illusions, where only the desired target is in front of eyes, but the hope to initiate the no steps to it.

Indicator of Hope that the future event has to hope the first, of great importance, and, secondly, by working hard to can be achieved and, thirdly, that the Concerned feelings and thoughts to invest in the result, even if the prospect of it, is in doubt.

How can you have Hope positive?

Active hope has, according to studies, a positive effect on the professional success and encourages the achievement of high goals, to the University, such as in sports. Promotes hope for the well-being in precarious situations. It is the self-healing of the body, mobilizes similar to that of a Placebo.

Hope – A double-edged sword

Active hope to have a destination in mind, despite external Resistors, promotes the achievement of this objective. Hope the perseverance needed to pursue a goal over a longer period of time. However, also critical to Assess the reality belongs to the Success of a project. Who clings only to his Hope and Wish, can slip into the abyss, because he missed the point of a hopeless target is drained, it should be.

Also an active Hope leads to selective Perception. We just have to take what appears to us to be in the direction of the target is positive, and hide the concerns. Although this is to a certain degree a necessary backup of your brain to not be able to freeze in fear and act, but seamlessly integrated into self-deception. The critical point is then reached, if we hide the new insights that speak to our positively stained image, or even combat.

Hope in a crisis draw

In a life crisis, people quickly come to the point where “nothing more”. Despair spreads, we feel unable to on their own power ever to get out of the Situation. Here the active Hope can cause not a miracle, but guide us to cope with the crisis. Despair may be justified, but, as well as Hope, only a subjective feeling, regardless of whether the “objective Situation” is really exasperating. Hope is to handle a crisis, paradoxically, because we have to for the time being to do nothing, than to believe in a positive outcome.

The point to hope, comes when we are desperate. We’re in the middle of the black hole after the separation of our partners, after the loss of a job or the apartment. While we run the risk, in our tired of getting stuck, shows us the Hope a prospect. This is the most important function. The longed-for goal of lights on the horizon and shows us that the current Depth does not have to be in the future.

If so, I hope that another state in the future, it is possible to drop, slowly but surely, the ideas and thoughts of what I can do to achieve this state.

What can we hope?

To raise hope, is not a religious Belief is required, it is helpful, however, if you have internalised the ethics and values. Such values offer you support and help you not to lose courage. Hope we can draw so at best from a humanistic system of coordinates, and the desire to live in a livable world. Because to hope means to trust that sense in what we do. Accordingly, the use for a humane society of despair contrary to as well as hopelessness. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

Ernst Bloch: Works Edition: Volume 5: The Principle Of Hope. Frankfurt am Main 1985