If the life of the spasm is

Tanja S. many of the Affected. At night you are plagued by terrible calf cramps. During the day, you are tired, whacked, and everyday life is dominated by the impending painful night. Usually, the intensity and frequency of cramps in the course of time increases: “in the Beginning, it occurred only occasionally, later, four to six times a week,” explains the 49-Year-old. “In the worst time, you controlled me every night.”

Leg cramps are not to be taken seriously

Often, the victims are ridiculed. It is only calf cramps are finally. A bit more drinking, a bit of a stretch and the spasm is over. Behind the standing calf cramps serious disease can get stuck, hardly anyone knows.

Often a magnesium deficiency is actually. Magnesium and calcium have a special influence on the activity between nerve cells and muscles. There is a lack of the substances, it comes to unregulated impulses and muscle cramping. This cause is a doctor in the case of permanent calf cramps certainly consider.

In the case of acute inflammation of the pancreas or diabetic mellitus the concentration of Magnesium may decrease. In the same way as in the case of certain intestinal disorders, hormone disorders or diseases of the nervous system. Those who suffer from persistent cramps, you should definitely speak with a doctor. Because all serious causes of muscle spasm can be excluded.

First aid for leg cramps

These measures should lead to a relief of symptoms, you should consult a doctor. A check list for the doctor’s visit, you can find here.

Tanja S. it goes better today. You contacted your doctor and the best possible therapy option to be found. The topic of calf cramp but is no longer a Problem of its own in just a few Concerned. Therefore held the patients initiative , “Good night, calf cramp” , together with the self-help organization of the German pain League e. V. in June, a Telephone campaign for those Affected. On Friday, 19. June and on Friday, 26. June 17 – 19, can be Affected by phone 069 26 946 402 and 069 26 946 403 of expert advice.

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