Journey to work: Who can live without the car lives longer

People who travel by foot, bike or train to work, in comparison to car a lower risk for heart disease, cancer and premature death riders. The a recent British study published in the journal The Lancet Planetary Health shows.

Researchers at the Imperial College London have analysed data from the censuses of population of over 300,000 commuters in England and Wales and found that people who cycled to work were killed compared to car-commuters to 24 percent less likely to have cardiovascular disease and 16 percent less likely to cancer. Cancer were diagnosed among the cyclists were 11 percent less likely. The Go to work was to drive compared to the car with a seven percent reduced Rate of a cancer diagnosis associated. Rail commuters were killed compared to car drivers to 20 per cent less likely to cardiovascular diseases, and cancer diagnoses were to be twelve per cent, reduced.

More drivers by Corona pandemic?

Dr. Richard Patterson of the University of Cambridge came to the conclusion: "A transition to the use of private cars in the framework of the easing of the Covid-19-measures would be for our health and the environment will be disastrous." He would like to encourage commuters to come to instead walk or bike to work, if you do not want to use public transport or can.

The data showed that overall, 66 percent of people took the car to work. 19 percent used public transportation, twelve percent went on foot, and three percent drove with the bike.


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