Laughter helps in brain surgery

Neuroscientists have stimulated during Awake surgery, the brain of a patient so that she had to laugh and the OP was able to get through this calmly and without fear. This diagnosis facilitated during the SURGERY, the feedback of the patient were required.

The scientists from the Emory School of Medicine in Atlanta, showed that the Stimulation of a certain brain helped area the patient cope with the surgery on the brain while fully conscious. The Stimulation resulted in that you had to laugh, then calm and relaxed felt, and had no fear.

The patient was relatively vulnerable to decay during the SURGERY in a panic because she was scared. "Before the procedure, you actually went into a panic. When we carried out your cingulate Stimulation, she reported immediately that she felt happy and relaxed, told jokes about their Familie", Dr. Kelly Bijanki, assistant Professor of neurosurgery. In two other patients, this type of brain stimulation was confirmed: she smiled through the brain stimulation and reported an improved mood and pain relief. If the current strength was increased, they had to laugh. The researchers consider this type of brain stimulation for surgery of brain tumors and epilepsy are very useful: "As a result, we are more secure in the preservation of tissue, the critical human functions such as language, emotional, or sensory functions important, what kann&quot not be assessed in sedated patients;, so Bijanki. Especially for very anxious patients, this could be a method to ensure your employees without being sedative. Feedback from the patient during a brain surgery in full consciousness, allow the medical professionals to operate in a targeted manner.