These 10 things represent a cancer risk – but hardly anyone knows them

Smoking, Junk food, Obesity – these risk factors for cancer, most of the know. But in addition, there are sources of danger to which they would never think of in life. It’s worth it to go to them in the future out of the way.

It can be the cream that you smear every Morning on your face, the beloved Hamburger or a habit on the control behind some of the everyday behavior of a danger that hardly anyone has heard of lurking: you increase the risk of developing cancer. The following things we should be therefore better in the future:

1. The window seat in the airplane

It makes the most people happy, to see the scenery during takeoff and landing from the top. Also on the cotton clouds under the bright blue sky air travelers look like. But anyone who flies often and at the window sits, risking skin damage. The Windows keep most of the UVB rays, which cause sunburn. You can but 47 percent of the UVA rays. You are responsible for the skin aging and a risk for skin cancer. Because UV radiation can cause damage to the genetic material. Not dying, damaged cells can develop into skin cancer.

So: Never without Sunblock on the window seat in the plane.

2. All receipts plugging

From many cash registers and payment devices, the documents come in on thermal paper. And that is a risky chemical: Bisphenol A (BPA). The substance has been classified by the EU as “particularly worrying”. They threatened the brain development of Unborn, male infertility, and can cause heart disease and cancer. Each time you touch thermal paper, BPA passes through the skin into the body and accumulates there. 2020 an EU-wide ban on BPA-containing thermal paper.

So Until then, POS thermal paper not over a longer period of time in the palm of your Hand and small children play with it.

3. Very hot drinks to consume

Many people love their soup, or the tea steaming hot. Who absorbs liquid, about 65 degrees Celsius, a threat to his esophagus. Because the tissue is inflamed and permanent damage to the cells, from which cancer can develop.

So Wait and let it cool, before a fresh blanched drink to take.

4. With the window open through the evening traffic to

As long as there are no clean cars or driving bans in the cities, diesel exhaust is a specific risk for lung and bladder cancer. Examining the WHO, several years ago. Professional drivers or road construction workers are particularly at risk. But even with daily trips through the rush hour with Stop-and-Go movement, you get the hazardous diesel residue.

So: Leave the window, if the queue of traffic just creeping forward.

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5. In the Sex, to use condoms abstain

Who lives in a monogamous relationship is infected with the cancer-causing Human Papilloma Virus. Because the biggest risk factor for HPV infection is unprotected sex with changing partners. The most common type of cancer due to HPV, cervical cancer, usually many years after the first contact with the virus. Also, Vagina, labia, Anus and Penis infection with certain HPV types can lead to malignant tumors.

So: vaccination of girls and boys before the first sexual intercourse can infection prevent. Otherwise, condoms offer protection against HPV infection.

6. Cosmetics with mineral oils to use

Oils nourish the skin, but it should be no mineral oils. This plug, however in many cosmetic products, from skin cream to lipstick – for example, if the content of Paraffin wax, Petrolatum or Mineral Oil substances. Health risky is the group of aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH). You have the potential to change the DNA and causing cancer. From cosmetics, it will be filtered out – a proper Rest is, as the auditor of the Foundation testers Were already established in 2015.

So: With natural cosmetics go on the Safe side. These must be free of mineral oil.

7. A celebration evening beer – or two, three …

Whoever drinks alcohol does not only have an increased risk for liver cancer, but also for oral and pharyngeal cancer, and breast cancer. This risk increases, not surprisingly, with the amount of alcohol. But there is no “safe” limit down, particularly in breast and liver cancer. Probably various substances arising from the degradation of alcohol in the body play a role.

So: Who is to be a Pils or a glass of wine with dinner or to Relax, not do without want, to at least the allowed amount of: half a Liter of beer or a quarter of wine per day for men, half for women.

8. Steak instead of chicken dinner

Individual foods can not be used for the tumor formation. With the exception of red meat. People who eat a lot of pork, lamb, beef, and sausage processed meat are at increased risk for colorectal and stomach cancer. For poultry or fish.

The International Agency for research on cancer (IARC) has classified red meat as a “probably carcinogen to humans”. Processed meat products include Smoking even in the same category as tobacco. So plug in cured meat and sausage nitrosamines, mutagens are harmful and possibly to humans are carcinogenic.

So: The Burger or the chips more often in the chicken Version order.

9. At night, the Smartphone rigid

Studies have shown a link between low levels of Melatonin and an increased risk of cancer.

The secretion of the sleep hormone is hindered, when the light breaks the darkness of the night. A common source of the bright glow in the dark bedroom, Smartphones or Tablets are today. You can delay the Sleep or Wake the user with incoming messages immediately. The sleep cycle is constantly interrupted, chronic sleep disorders – a risk factor for cancer.

So The Smartphone is not next to the bed at night.

10. Doctor’s appointments can whiz

Those who do not go to the doctor, get so no cancer. The regular Check-ups and preventive care appointments with the doctor can ensure that an early-detected tumour is not a deadly cancer. Colonoscopy and cervical swab can even prevent from abnormal cells cancer.

So: Go for cancer screening when it’s time or you will be invited.

The most important risk factors: Smoking, poor diet, Obesity

In addition to the above-mentioned cancer risks, which we should get out of the way, there are major preventable risk complex, which oncologists have warned for a long time. About one third of the malignant Tumor doesn’t have to be, if people would maintain a healthier life style.

A current evaluation by the German cancer research center (Deutsches krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ) have shown that about a third of all cancer in Germany are the result of new cases to modifiable risk factors.

The Heidelberg researchers calculated almost 165.000 cancer less per year, if certain risk elimination factors. Smoking, poor diet and Obesity play an important role:

19 percent of all cancer cases in Germany on the Smoking. Unhealthy food is almost eight percent, Overweight for seven percent of cancer cases. Close behind following your movement in a deficiency.