VfB-doctor warns of purported miracle cures for sports injuries

That short-distance runners such as rocket launch, of course, is exaggerated. With a minimum of 2000 Kilonewtons of thrust, the Ariane lifts rocket. Usain Bolt, the multiple Olympic champion and world record holder over 100 metres, catapulted out of the starting block, he achieved just nine kilo Newton.

But this power felt nearly ten times that of the Bolts of body weight, for the human organism, nevertheless, enormous. No other sports strained the Achilles tendon as strong as the Sprint, even some leg muscles are always just ahead of the Rip. A year ago Bolt crashed during the 4×100-Meter relay at the world Championships in London and suffered a muscle fibre tear on the back of the left thigh. It was his last race. After a long time, resigned almost invincible top athlete from Jamaica, from competitive sport.

Rehabilitation takes time

Three months break should have been inserted, the then 30-year-old Bolt, to his injury, and again in competitions to get rid of. This seems long, measured in terms of how closely the medical care of professional sports is.

But to rush things, healing with sometimes dubious to want to methods to accelerate, it can be dangerous, warn doctors such as Raymond Best, the team doctor of football club VfB Stuttgart, and a surgeon in a sports clinic. This applies equally to the high performance for the sport stresses Best. Supposed miracle cures and overly ambitious rehabilitation programs were easy to relapse. In the ideal case, the restoration of lesioned muscles and Tendons should be a “gradual phase-adapted and not only time-based,” says Best.

In Germany, around 1.5 million sports accidents, 53 percent of which were in Association, 47 percent of recreational sports occur each year. More than four out of five of these injuries treat a doctor, white, Gerd smoke, orthopedic surgeon and trauma surgeon in the city of Kassel and President of a large conference a few weeks ago in Berlin. In particular, “non-contact” injuries, which occur without the participation of another athlete would warm up to avoid urges to smoke.

The 20-minute exercise program Fifa 11 (www.dfb.de) can lower the injury frequency in young footballers by almost half, says smoke. Warm up using the Stop method,-X (stop-x.de) Sagittarius joints proven to the knee.

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Against a typical runner injury, the strain of the posterior thigh muscles called the Hamstring, it is recommended physiotherapists an Exercise called the Nordic Hamstring Exercise. They are available in different variants. In the core will stabilize the lower leg and the thigh and the torso in the knee joint is slowly bent forward.

As a First aid in case of muscle and joint injuries, the four measures are applicable to the bad LUCK rule: the Sport setting (“Pause”), the violation of body cooling (“ice cream” – but too radical, that is, without ice spray), a compressive bandage with moderate voltage (“Compression”), and high camps.

Sports medicine place a high value on an accurate diagnosis. Take a medical history, questions so, according to the sequence of events and circumstances of the accident, and, through first-hand investigations by palpation of the injury site. More information can bring to an ultrasound recording. A sophisticated magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to hold Doctors such as VfB team doctor Best only useful when there is a suspicion on “higher-level” violations.

The formula for the Bayern-Doc

Even if most of the muscle and tendon injury with conservative treatment methods such as physiotherapy to heal, experimenting doctors for some years, with blood of different origin. Bavaria-Doc Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt splashed some of his proteges, a calf blood product called Actovegin. Recently, researchers from Munich, and Cologne presented a study in which they described how Actovegin support the growth and proliferation of muscle progenitor cells and potentially Regeneration promotes.

Some orthopedic specialists offer in sports injuries of various self-blood treatments. The statutory health insurance does not pay for these therapies. Each apothekegenerika.de injection costs about 130 Euro. An alternative is injections of platelet-rich Plasma (PRP). About 20 milliliters of the patient’s blood in a centrifuge, wherein blood components are separated, and at the end of the injured will be injected about five milliliters of Plasma, rich in thrombocytes (blood platelets).

“The growth factors that contains the extract are very potent,” says the Berlin-based specialist, Hanno Steckel from the own blood therapy convinced. A at the center for prevention and sports medicine of the Technical University of Munich analysis of studies on PRP has been no investigation that proves the effectiveness on damaged muscles and Tendons clearly. In one case, showed themselves in horses effects on musculoskeletal complaints, “the confirmed, however, in the included studies to humans,” the researchers wrote.

As a successful case of treatment with such injections Bavaria – and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. He was injured in September of 2017, at the foot, and was also cured by using a self-blood therapy. He needed eight months until he was fit again. For the 2018 world Cup in Russia, a New stand then back in the gate. For him, this was a great success.