Women in society are less afraid of it

Eerie noises seem to be less frightening, if still another Person is with us? The scientists of the University of Würzburg and came to a clear result.

The researchers asked for the study, 97 Volunteers, about headphones eerie sounds to listen to, for example, a screaming Person. It showed that women had less anxiety, if any other Person was present – even if you didn’t know the Person. The calming effect was all the more stronger, more different the woman and the second Person, in relation to gender or origin. The researchers conclude from the results that people are instinctively in a higher state of readiness.

Fear läalso &uuml sst;on the skin to measure

For their experiments, the scientists interviewed the women only to the extent of their fear, but they measured also directly, by installed to the skin Sensors: In the case of fear chemicals get on the skin surface, which change their conductivity. The higher the conductivity of the skin is, the higher the anxiety a Person is. The researchers tested the extent to which the characteristics of the other Person affected by the fear, by varying the gender or the skin color of these people.