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Fruits and vegetables are not only incredibly delicious, but are full just valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

But something is in the fruit: a Lot of fruit sugar.

The curbs will lead not only weight loss success, but also to digestive problems – especially in the evening.

Fruit is causing heartburn in the night

Who a sensitive stomach, or heartburn tendency, you should once again consider whether or not he acid-containing fruits such as pineapple or Apple in the evening to really take want.

When heartburn stomach escapes acid from the stomach and entering the esophagus. It can be promoted by acidic foods like fruit.

When Sleeping the Burning and Belching favors. Tip: After the consumption of fruit in the evening, do not lie down immediately, but rather, take a little walk.

The Fructose in the fruit provides the body with quick energy. Not during the day is super, in the evening and especially at night, we need the energy kick but not really.

If you eat fruit in the evening, then the body is busy at night with the digestion and with stomach rumbling awake in bed.

Often, the fruit can not be digested in the evening and thus remains in the colon are. Then it ferments there, and which can lead to bloating and sleep problems.

Fruit can lead to increased fat storage

Fruit contains Fructose, A fruit sugar belongs to the carbohydrates. The metabolism of Fructose in the liver: the liver converts the fruit sugar into usable energy.

We take in more Fructose than the body needs will be converted to the carbohydrates into fat and get back into our bloodstream or are stored in our cells.

You now have a extreme consumption of very sugary fruits such as banana, grapes or Mango in the evening, it can occur that the body can no longer convert the energy absorbed – instead, it stores them in fat deposits.

Salad and raw foods: Evildoers fiber

Low-Carb diets are many slimming willing still high in the course. This salad and raw lands in the evening on the plate. As salad and raw vegetables contain a lot of soluble fiber, which swell in the intestine, we remain long sick of it – this of course helps with weight loss.

The fiber in the fruits and vegetables also have a dark side: they are particularly fermentation friendly. At the time of their digestion in the large intestine they are broken down by intestinal bacteria. Also gases are generated as by-products.

In the case of the consumption of bigger portions of fruits and vegetables, some people get bloating, therefore, can be very uncomfortable.

Movement can assist in the digestion of the Ballas substances. The Problem is that We are moving in the evening at most of the kitchen on the Sofa. Therefore, the consumption of fruit can lead in the evening to an unpleasant feeling of fullness, flatulence and sleep disorders.

So fruits and veggies is also on the evening of digestible

But don’t worry, delicious fruits and colorful salads in the evening you don’t have to give up directly.

Fat can help, that salad and raw vegetables are better digested, for example in the Form of Dressings with olive or linseed oil.

Even better: The salad for lunch and in the evening, on steamed vegetables, use.

Even if grated Apple, beef up any salad in the evening, give you better to sugar-containing varieties of fruit as a salad Topping. Instead, a handful of grapefruit slices in the salad.

If it’s supposed to be fruit in the evening: don’t panic. Low-sugar fruits can digest in your body at night: This also includes blueberries, raspberries, Papaya, or guava include, in addition to Grapefruit. Also in the case of low-sugar fruits, you can a handful of as a portion of orientation.

High sugar containing fruits such as banana, Mango or pineapple, but still prefer in the morning to cereal, chopping, or in-between snacking – then your belly has a rest in the evening!

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