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Doctors in France, it is managed according to its own figures, the first Covid-19-Transfer from a pregnant woman to her unborn child proof. As the doctors report in the journal “Nature Communications”, came the concerned Boy in March via caesarean. His mother had complained before the birth of fever and cough. Finally, it was with her in the 35. Pregnancy week, the Coronavirus detected. The pregnancy had gone up to this point, straightforward.

The Diagnosis

She is a virgin and yet in the fifth week of pregnancy your Doctor can solve the riddle

After the birth of the Boy was examined first, and then on the neonatal intensive care unit isolates. Like the physician to Daniele De Luca reports, ‘ve started the Baby on his third day of life, suddenly, to show severe neurological symptoms: It started to had a over-extension, irritable, and drank no longer as good as before. Scans also showed abnormalities in the white tissue of the brain – Tests for the Coronavirus were positive. As the medical reports, the Boy recovered quickly from the symptoms, even in the absence of anti-viral therapy.

Previous studies had already suggested that Sars-CoV can be excreted 2 in rare cases, from mother to the unborn child – proof has been lacking, however. This now wants to have the French team of Doctors to the evaluation of numerous samples provided. So you had investigated about the amniotic fluid, the placenta, and the blood of the mother and the newborn on the Coronavirus is from the back.

Infection in the mother’s womb – “very rare” event

“We have shown that the Transmission from the mother to the fetus via the placenta in the last weeks of pregnancy,” said study leader Daniele de Luca from the Antoine-Béclère-hospital near Paris, according to the news Agency AFP. About placenta and umbilical cord, the Virus to be passes to the unborn child. “The bad news is that this actually happened and can happen,” says De Luca. “The good news is that it is rarely – very rarely compared to the entire population of the world.”

Pregnant women and unborn children are not yet as high-risk groups for severe Covid-19-gradients. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) refers to the low data situation, in particular, long-term data are missing in the case of unborn children. The professional Association of gynaecologists advises Pregnant women to wash your hands regularly and avoid contact with people who cold symptoms or have a fever. So the contagion risk is to be reduced.

Covid-19 in the pregnancy? “Not a significant risk factor”

Andrew Shennan, Professor of obstetrics at King’s College London, said that the study, especially the evidence that there may be a Transfer in the mother’s womb. Women could, however, be sure that a Corona infection in pregnancy “no significant risk factor” for you or your baby.

As French Doctors continue to report, have both the mother and her child from the infection with the Coronavirus recovered. The woman was able to leave the hospital six days after the birth of her son followed her twelve days later. In a follow-up examination, the neurological symptoms had regressed. The child had developed normally, and showed two months after the birth, no other clinical abnormalities, the researchers write.

Source: Nature Communications / Robert Koch-Institut (RKI) / professional Association of women doctors e. V.

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