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While a lot about childhood looks different this fall and winter, we’re still faced with that ever-present task of putting cozy boots, shoes, and sneakers on our kids’ feet. In fact, playing outside has become more essential than in years past. That means we’ve got to be very practical when it comes to their cold-weather gear. That does not mean we need to sacrifice cuteness or style, however, especially when it comes to winter boots and shoes for boys and girls.

While they might have gotten away with one pair of light sneakers or sandals all summer, they’re going to need a bit more coverage — and a few more options — to get through the colder months. You’ll still want some sneakers — and if your kid hits the ground hard, those have to be replaced every few months, so might as well get some with a little more insulation. Then there’s the cold rain they’ll be facing, which is so much less fun to get onto socks than summer rain — so some waterproof boots may be in order. And for those of us who live in a snowy area or venture to the mountains, you’ll also want to make sure to have a pair of snug-fitting snow boots that aren’t too clunky or difficult to put on and take off. (No one wants to be Randy from A Christmas Story.)

Finally, while most of us aren’t going to many indoor events anytime soon, you may still want at least one pair of your kids’ fall and winter shoes to be just a tiny bit dressier than sneakers. Or you may just have a fancy boy or girl on your hands who likes to dress up no matter the occasion. Those options abound this season, with styles that adults may find themselves coveting too.

If you don’t want to be picking up four new pairs of winter kids shoes this year, there are plenty of versatile options out there too. Something in a weatherproof, insulated high-top boot-ish sneaker, perhaps?

Ahead, we’ve gathered some of the coolest kicks to round out their wardrobes and keep them comfy until spring.

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A version of this article was originally published in September 2019.

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