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In the next few days it should be in many Parts of Germany, really hot. The UV rays of the sun can damage the skin, and this is not only true for us humans: four-legged friends are running the risk to get a sunburn. Particularly sensitive muzzle and ears. Dogs with dark and short hair way to get faster on a sunburn than their long-haired fellow with dark fur.

Most dogs love the sun. Understandable, because as a hot spot does not only good but is also healthy. "In the light of the sun containing Vitamin D strengthens muscles and bones and also promotes the production of the neurotransmitter Serotonin, which because of its mood-brightening effect as the hormone of happiness wird&quot referred to;, Marlene Haufe, health expert at independent comparison portal for pharmacy products apomio.de explained. Unfortunately, dogs often don’t know what time it is with the sun enough to burn yourself, and then the muzzle literally. Animal owners, advises the expert, therefore, is to make sure that your Pets are not exposed to the sun. "In addition to snout and ears, the skin around the eyes, and the mostly hairless Belly, strong gefährdet&quot are;, Haufe know.

Sun cream, there are also für dogs

In the case of longer excursions or beach shade stays is often a scarce commodity. In the water the UV is underestimated radiation of the sunlight often. The cold water cools the skin, the risk for sunburn remains. For remedial special sun creams can make for dogs. This should also be in the mountains applied, where the UV exposure is particularly intense. "It is important that the sun protection high light protection factor and no artificial additives as well as dyes, or preservatives enthält", Haufe explains. "Because many dogs lick the sun cream."

Clothes für-sensitive four-legged friends

In the case of particularly sensitive dogs with a light and short fur sun creams are not enough in some cases. Here it is recommended the dog a T-Shirt or a special dog to attract bodysuits for protection against the sun. "The like aspire to many dog owners, for aesthetic reasons, but it is the most effective Sonnenschutz", according to the expert. To note is that the fabric is not as breathable, so that the four-legged friend is to hot.

First aid for the animal the sun fire

"Are reddened, warm or flaking and make the skin visible, the dog immediately in the Schatten", stresses Haufe. Cool compresses and a soothing ointment to relieve first symptoms. Intense redness often occur together with serious inflammation that can cause pain and itching. "Then it may happen, that the dog is scratching until a wound is created. This comes with dirt, they can sein&quot an infection as a result;, the expert warns. It is a very heavy combustion, should be contacted, the veterinarian, since an anti-inflammatory treatment with corticosteroid preparations is necessary. Sunburn should also be used in dogs taken seriously, as this could lead in the worst case, to cancer-like ulcers.


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