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Have any questions about C-sections? It seems April Love Geary is ready and willing to answer them. The model and mom of three with singer Robin Thicke was her usual beautifully blunt self in her recent Instagram Stories posts, answering super-personal questions about her three elective C-sections, previous abortion and miscarriage, and her postpartum recovery.

“I had an elective C-section all three times because I’m terrified of natural birth, so I just decided to have a major surgery instead,” Geary said frankly at the beginning of her Q&A session on Wednesday.

In December, Geary, 26, and fiancé Thicke, 43, welcomed their third child together, baby boy Luca Patrick. Big sisters Mia and Lola, born exactly a year apart in February 2018 and 2019, and Julian, 10, Thicke’s son with ex Paula Patton, round out the brood.

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Earlier in the day, Geary, who posts body-positive shots on the regular, flaunted her six-week postpartum body in black lacy undies with the caption “loose skin, tight friendships.”

One Instagram follower used the “Ask me anything” prompt in Geary’s stories, to ask if the model had any help to get her body to bounce back postpartum, asking, “With your C-sections did you get the thing where the doctors lace up your abs?”

Geary responded, somewhat confused, “I have no idea what this means, but that sounds so scary. Do you mean they, like, make abs? Because, like … [lifting up her shirt to show her stomach] NO.” The tiny rolls she displayed are gorgeous, by the way.

Geary encouraged a fan who is also scared of natural childbirth to talk to her OB about the C-section option: “Girl, it’s your body! … Do what you wanna do.”

We’re pleased that she got real about the fact that giving birth this way isn’t exactly a walk in the park. “To me the actual surgery is the easiest part, it’s the recovery that’s a little tough,” she said. “My third was the most difficult recovery.”

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The model also opened up about having a miscarriage shortly before she got pregnant with Mila and having an abortion long before. Answering whether Robin was understanding about her abortion, Geary said, “Well, there’s  nothing for him to be understanding about, because it was my body, my choice, and before I met him, so it has nothing to do with him. But no, he wasn’t judgmental at all.”

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Not all questions were so heavy, though. Geary also revealed she craved ice cream and Oreos during her pregnancy and whether or not she and Thicke will be getting pregnant again this year, continuing their streak:

“Fuck, no, no,” she deadpanned. “Mm, mm, no. No.”

We’ll see! Old habits are hard to break, amirite?

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