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Brie Bella is still learning the ropes as a mom of two.

Nine weeks after welcoming son Buddy Dessert — her second child with husband Daniel Bryan — the star of Total Bellas, 36, chats with PEOPLE about how her new family of four is gearing up for the holiday season with matching pajamas from The Children's Place, and how she's navigating being mom to Buddy and his big sister Birdie Joe, 3.

During a recent trip Bryan took to the grocery store, Brie recalls being left alone with both kids at home. And it posed a challenge that the star had to do some quick thinking to overcome.

"I was breastfeeding Buddy and Birdie tripped and fell in front of me and [started] crying," she tells PEOPLE. "And in that moment, you're like, as a mom, 'What do I do?' So I unlatched Buddy and laid him in the DockATot right next to me. I went to Bird to help her, then he starts freaking out because he's like, 'Whoa, you just stopped me in the middle of my meal.' "

"But then I wanted to console Bird, and it was such a hard parenting moment," Brie continues. "I didn't want Bird to feel like she now is always coming second. I wanted her to feel like, she got hurt, Mommy's gonna be right there. So it was an intense moment, but I feel like I made the right mommy decision."

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Can’t believe it’s been a week already!!! ??

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Me and my boy ?

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New Mom Brie Bella Reveals Why Husband Daniel Bryan Is Sleeping in Guest Bedroom for Now

Despite there being "times where she'll get a little jealous," Birdie is generally doing "really good" with both a new baby brother and cousin, aunt Nikki Bella's 9-week-old son Matteo Artemovich, around soaking up some of the attention she previously had to herself.

"She loves being an older sister and I think it's 'cause she has a little bit of this bossy side that she gets maybe from her mama," Brie jokes, laughing.

And the retired professional wrestler certainly has her work cut out for her when it comes to her son's appetite. "My little Buddy loves to eat," she says. "I'm a milk truck over here, it's crazy. I'll breastfeed him and all of a sudden an hour later he's pecking. And I'm like, 'Is he hungry? He just ate!' And sure enough. I [say] it's because Bryan gave me these Viking babies — they love to eat."

Breastfeeding is something Brie has been able to pass her knowledge about on to her twin, too. "It's been fun to help my sister, 'cause Nicole at the beginning had a couple issues here and there," she tells PEOPLE. "It's kinda crazy that I'm teaching her something, like, 'Who would've thought? Usually I feel like you're always coaching me on stuff. Now here I am coaching you.' "

After revealing on her Bellas Podcast last month that Bryan, 39, was sleeping in the guest bedroom to adhere to Birdie's sleep schedule while she was on Buddy's, Brie says now that they're about to get started on transitioning their son to his own room — but they're "in no rush."

"I think it has worked so well for right now, just with Bryan being on Birdie's schedule and I'm on Buddy's schedule. It makes us both feel more sane and not be in that mommy/daddy fog, and feel more rested," she explains. "But I think now our game plan is that it's time for Buddy to go in his own room."

And luckily, "We call him our little sloth baby because he loves to sleep," Brie says. "Bryan always tells everyone that he comes from a long line of nappers — that his whole family loves to nap. And then he married someone who loves to sleep, and Birdie's a good sleeper. So I was like, of course Buddy loves to sleep — which, my sister Nicole is so jealous because Matteo's a little different."

It was a perfect fit, then, for the entire family to pose in The Children's Place's Reindeer Fairisle Collection of matching pajamas, which come in adult, baby and child sizes. "My sister's like, 'Brie, it's so perfect for your family to take a picture in all PJs, 'cause you guys all love to sleep,' " she shares. "I'm like, 'I know.' I kinda feel blessed."

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My kids ✌?

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Brie Bella Says She's 13 Lbs. Away from Her Pre-Baby Weight 5 Weeks After Welcoming Son Buddy

"I don't know if it's a thing for all families, but it's fun to wake up Christmas morning or any holiday morning and get in your matching PJs — it just makes the day feel more special," Brie adds. "It really gets me excited because come Christmas morning, we'll all have our hot cocoa, opening gifts in our matching PJs."

For Halloween, Brie's family is still tossing themes around for a group costume. Right now, some possibilities include characters from PAW Patrol or The Lorax. ("I said I can be a Truffula tree and Buddy can be a brown Barb-a-loot," she says of the Dr. Seuss idea.)

As for whether Buddy and Birdie will eventually get another sibling, Brie tells PEOPLE that she and Bryan are "done with two" children, "especially because we were lucky enough to get a boy, so now one of each" is "really fun."

"For a while I was thinking I was just gonna have one. Then when Buddy came into our lives, it just made it all feel perfect," she says, adding with a laugh, "But I'm like, 'That's it for me. That's good.' "

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