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With four very effective Exercises LeaLight has developed a quick power workout for our center!

Each Exercise is performed eight times. In between is felt in the child’s posture, short muscles, and renewed energy.

For you to sit down with the knees on the floor and the wall with the arms on the Mat in the front. While you put yourself forward, put your forehead relaxes on the Mat.

The Po will remain on the heels of lying down, so that it comes to a relaxed, comfortable stretch in your back.

After a few seconds of deep inhalation and exhalation you go over then to the result of exercise.

And these are the four Exercises from the Video for a strong body in the middle:

1. Plank-ups

Embark on a slow Unwinding of the upper body in a plank position with straight arms.

Ensure that your posture is stable and just: Suck your belly button in her mind for the top, and move the shoulders away from the ears.

Stay in this posture for about five seconds.

Then you bend your arms, and go about in the Forearms, and hold for another five seconds.

In the third step, you change the levels: From the support position back to the couch with straight arms in the Forearms, and back.

Attempts, eight times through. Then come for a few seconds in the initially described child to rest position.

2. Hip Twist

You have to start over from the Plank.

Range now your body is particularly strong and then put your hip to the right and to the left in the exchange.

The arms will all the time remain stable on the ground fixed.

Do the Exercise about eight times. Then a short break before the Leg Raise and more.

3. Leg Raise

Lie down on your back and bring legs straight stretched upwards. The feet are flexed.

Press the back firmly into the floor. To gain the hands can be slipped under the buttocks and the lumbar spine.

With the Exhale has now led to both legs slowly to the floor. Hold briefly, inhale and then again Exhale up to the starting position.

Just take a breath and relax and then continue with the next Exercise.

4. Reverse Crunch

Furthermore, in the supine position, the legs are brought slightly bent in a 90° degree angle to the top. The tip of the foot, you draw back the tip of the nose in a Flex position.

Now alternately the legs down and up: From the starting position, it’s going down, so that the hoe comes up to the floor and back again. All you’re doing eight times.

Thus, the Exercise is not over yet.

In the next step, you bring your legs namely together again in the 90° position and back to the stick you then for a further eight runs straight up and back.

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After you make the legs cozy, stay still for a Moment, lie on your back and breathe in and out deeply.

What your muscles say? More goes?

Then again, the hole is now twice. But button you be careful and overload your abdominal muscles, not on the first day. There is still no master fell from the sky, and muscles need their time to become stronger and more defined.

Even if you can’t make three passes in a row: If you get these four Exercises from LeaLight regularly you will be able to quickly become better and soon the first positive results on your belly to see.

Larissa Bright Mouth

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