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Learning how to love yourself is a never-ending journey, and Gabrielle Union and her daughter Kaavia just revealed one way they work on this at home. The duo sings an affirmation song for some positivity in their day — and it’s definitely a bop!

  • Affirmation Song

    Image Credit: Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images

    The Perfect Find star sang her affirmations in a new interview with Parents. “We do the affirmations as part of her bedtime routine,” Union says in the video on Instagram. “And she has a very long, elaborate bedtime routine,” she laughed.

    “Last night, we did an affirmation song. Do you remember that song?” she asked Kaavia. The 5-year-old, who is sitting next to her mom dressed in white with her black hair in natural curls, responds, “Yeah.”

    “All my mama, all my hood,” Union and Kaavia sing in unison, which is echoed by AD, Kaavia’s nanny, off camera. “I look fly, I look good.” Kaavia smiles so big as she sings it, and we can’t help but smile as we watch it.

  • The Comments

    Image Credit: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for FWRD

    Fans were loving this sweet video. 

    “Building a positive self image, confidence, and positive self talk…LOVE IT,” one person wrote. 

    Others simply left heart emojis to share the love.

  • More Affirmations

    Image Credit: Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Netflix

    This isn’t the first time Union’s opened up about the affirmations she does with Kaavia. In Dec. 2022, she shared a video of her daughter playing an affirmations game with the family. 

    “‘tis the season… for affirmations,” the video was captioned. “Keeping the family self-esteem at 💯. TY @theproudlyco.” During the game, Kaavia would have a family member draw a card and read the affirmation written on it, then Kaavia would repeat it. So cute! 

    In March 2023, Union shared another video, this time of her and Kaavia doing affirmations in front of the mirror. They each had their own affirmations they would tell themselves in front of the mirror, like “I love my beautiful hair” and “I am worthy.” It will absolutely melt your heart.

    “It starts at home 🫶🏾” Union captioned it. What a great example!

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