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Shawn Johnson may have won the gold medal for the balance beam at the 2008 Olympics, but the former gymnast — like many moms of multiple kids — may not be bending over backward attempting Pinterest-perfect parenting with her second child the way she did with her first. The proof is in the hilarious video spoof that Johnson and her husband, former NFL football player Andrew East, shared on Wednesday.

At the start of the Instagram reel, captioned “the most accurate food prep for kids,” we see Johnson lovingly and precisely cut a strawberry into bite-sized pieces for her first child, Drew East, 3. She moves the fruit from the cutting board to one section of the baby plate, and then walks around the kitchen island toward (presumably) the table.

We then see East drop a container of strawberries onto the floor that he was getting ready to prepare for their second child, Jett, 1. He scrambles to pick them up before he and Johnson start biting off the stems and spitting them into the garbage disposal. East then takes a cucumber in each hand and bites off pieces over poor Jett’s plate and then yells, “Lunch is ready.”

IYKYK, right?

To all the second-borns (and every kid after that), we have to say sorry-not-sorry. All that chopping gets old! Plus, according to commenters, Jett has it good. By child four or five, the food gets left on the floor or the child is left to fend for themselves (kidding!).

Of course, let us insert here that this video is meant to be funny and that it’s important to cut food into very small pieces for all young children. But followers were cracking up in the comments.

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“Laughing out loud,” said actress Jana Kramer (because yes, it deserved more emphasis than an initialization could offer).

“😂😂😂😂 for real,” said food blogger Mariam Ezzeddine.

“Big facts,” wrote soccer player Cheyna Lee.

“Love that y’all feed me like your second child when we’re together! 🥰” joked (we hope) CrossFit athlete Noah Ohlsen.

This is not the first time Johnson has shared antics with her kids and the kitchen. In a super sweet video from December, she was teaching them how to do backflips before breakfast. The young athletes-in-training have also shown off their handstands and weightlifting skills. We’re here for all of it!

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