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Tired, flabby, and the gut is not doing so correctly? There can be many causes to the liver, most people do not think in the first place. She suffers silently and does not make late complaints, if she’s okay. It meets in the body important functions: it stores, for example, nutrients and filtering toxins from the blood.

The first signs of liver problems is usually a feeling of exhaustion. “Fatigue is the pain of the liver”, says Professor Dr. med. Peter R. Galle, Director of the 1. Medical clinic and polyclinic of the University medical center of the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz.

A fatty liver often develops unnoticed

Especially a high alcohol consumption, Obesity and unrecognized diseases, such as Diabetes, the liver. Then it may happen that in the body enhanced fat stored. Affected feel nothing – but the liver swells with time, and the liver is transformed into a so-called fat.

When the liver has reached a certain size, feel Concerned typical complaints that do not bring you, but also often with the liver. Typical symptoms are a feeling of fullness, flatulence and Nausea in addition to fatigue. Pain does not occur more, but at most a feeling of pressure in the right upper abdomen.

Around 30 percent of people probably have a fatty liver

Experts assume that about 30 percent of people in Germany have a fatty liver. Most of you know but not all of it. “We assume that a fatty liver is the most common liver disease at all,” says Galle.

Most of the time the habits of life of the Affected are the cause of the verfettete liver. “The combination of little exercise and Obesity has the consequence that in the liver, increased fat is stored,” says Galle. In some patients, genetic factors cause them to develop fatty liver.

Through the retention of additional diseases may arise

Even if a fatty liver makes hardly any complaints, it is not harmless: A fatty liver does not mean necessarily that one is sick, but the fat deposits can form in other diseases. Also inflammation are not uncommon.

A fatty liver can develop, for example, with the time, for example, to cirrhosis of the liver. The liver hardens and shrinks at the same time. You is able to always be less likely to fulfill their actual tasks and, for example, toxins from the blood filters. “Often Affected helps then only a liver transplant,” says the expert.

Liver cancer risk is increased

In addition, there is evidence to suggest that fat increases the liver the risk of liver cancer greatly. In addition, a fatty liver rarely comes alone: rather, it is an indication that overall, something is not right. “We have observed often that there are inflammatory reactions, which relate only to the liver,” says Galle.

These inflammations have far-reaching consequences: they can cause damage to the blood vessels. Thus, the risk for cardiovascular rise disease such as heart attacks. Also, the risk of stroke is increased frequently.

Often a fatty liver is a random diagnosis

Because the complaints are often mild, and Affected not to bring you-usually with the liver, a fatty liver is often a random diagnosis. It shows, for example, an ultrasound examination or on the basis of certain liver enzymes in the blood are increased.

It is important, elevated liver values in the blood go to the ground. “People should be investigated, whether the cause is actually a fatty liver or if you suffer from circumstances, under any other disease,” says Galle. “I have unfortunately made the experience that many family doctors increased liver values do not investigate further.”

To a certain extent the liver can regenerate

The good news is that in the case of a fatty liver is that the Organ in the majority of cases, is able to do this, the fat deposits break down, and to heal. However, it is important that those Affected change their life habits.

If a high level of alcohol consumption is the cause of obesity, should get Affected in the handle and may seek help. Also a Diabetes that is based on a fatty liver may be, should be treated accordingly.

Important: reduce weight and exercise

“In addition, it helps to reduce body weight and to move more,” says Galle. He recommends at least 20 minutes of exercise per day. This not only acts against a fatty liver, but also prevents that it is developed at all.

There is no specific diet that is recommended for fatty liver. The importance of a balanced diet overall. Has proved to be favourable for a light full diet: people should be going to paint white flour products from your diet, and, increasingly, whole-grain products eat. You should also increase the proportion of fruit and especially vegetables in your diet.

Strong, oily foods, alcohol and Fast Food avoid

As in fatty liver have been found in addition, proteins in the diet, including eggs, low-fat quark and yogurt, but also lean meat. Sufferers should speak with your doctor about your eating habits and possible changes.

Should avoid be Concerned, in any case, highly fatty foods such as French fries or other Fast Food as well as alcohol. Should avoid in addition to foods that contain a lot of sugar: The liver stores quickly available carbohydrates in the Form of fat. This includes, for example, sweets such as chocolate, biscuits and fruit of rubber, but also soft drinks count. Fruit juices should drink Affected only in moderation – and then heavily diluted with water.

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