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Brittany Mahomes and her daughter Sterling Mahomes took to the football field to cheer on their favorite quarterback, and the photos could not be sweeter! It’s no secret that Sterling is Patrick Mahomes’ biggest fan, and the little tike’s latest sideline pics just showcase that further.

Posing with mom, the almost-2-year-old wore a red jumpsuit with ruffles on the sleeves and legs. Sterling loves matching with Patrick, so it’s no surprise her outfit had the number 15, just like her dad’s jersey. Unlike most Mahomes fans, Sterling’s gear has the word “Daddy” across the front. The little fashion icon also rocked red and white Nike kicks, white ruffly socks, and don’t even get us started on the precious red and yellow bows she wore in her hair!

TLDR: Sterling is as stylish as she is sweet. And we’re so jealous that Patrick has such an adorable support system.

 “My best girl 🥹❤️,” Brittany captioned the post from Monday.

To which Patrick replied, “❤️❤️❤️.”

In most of the photos, Sterling has the big smile of a cheerleader-in-training. The blonde-haired cutie must take after her mama, who was a cheerleader when she and Mahomes met in high school.

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In one photo, though, she has a distraught expression that we think must be the same face she makes when the Mahomes family runs out of ketchup.

Commenters are excited to hopefully see more of Sterling’s newborn baby brother who has already started wearing “Daddy” football-themed pants in the Kansas City Chiefs’ signature red and yellow. Patrick “Bronze” Mahomes was born in November of 2022 and has yet to make a full Instagram appearance. Like many protective parents of infants — rightfully so — Brittany and Patrick have yet to share Bronze’s face.

They have shared the story behind his nickname, though. Bronze was almost called “Trey” since he is Patrick Lavon Mahomes III. That is, until Patrick’s brother came up with the nickname “Bronze.”

“I started meeting more and more people with the nickname ‘Trey,’ and Jackson came up to me and was like, ‘What about Bronze?’” Patrick told Audacy’s 610 Sports Radio. “I kind of have the metal thing going with Sterling and all that, and I thought it was a great idea, and I think it’s something I’m glad we came up with. I haven’t seen anybody else do that… I like it.”

We have no doubt that Sterling and Bronze will take home the gold once they do make their debut as the cutest cheerleading duo the NFL has ever seen.

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