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Toddlers are such confusing creatures. They pick their nose and eat their own boogers, lick windows, and play with their food — yet, they refuse to even try the healthy and delicious dinners parents make them. (Even if they loved the food the day before.) Shawn Johnson is calling out this frustrating toddler behavior in a new video, and it is so hilariously relatable for moms of picky eaters.

Set to the viral, “pass, pass, pass, smash” trend, the former Olympian spoke for “toddlers everywhere” in a video posted to Instagram yesterday. It starts with Johnson sitting at a table drinking water as she watches options for food scroll across the screen. “The food they asked for” was first, and Johnson (as a toddler), passed. Next up: “yesterday’s favorite food.” It’s a pass again — toddlers are predicable in their unpredictability! Option 3: “Literally anything.” And … it’s a pass again. So true!

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Last option is a winner for Johnson’s kids Drew, 3, and Jett, 1, (and every other toddler on the planet): “the bath water they most definitely just peed in.” And “smash!” she says, and we are laughing so hard. Why is that the most appetizing option?

“Accurate hahaha,” she wrote in the caption. I have two picky eaters myself (and a baby who thankfully will eat anything), and I can confirm this is so true.

So many other parents could relate. “It’s so accurate,” one person said.

“We go thru this everyday 🤣🤣,” another added.

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“😂😂😂 Spot. On. Especially if they can suck it out of a day old wash cloth 🤦🏼‍♀️,” someone else wrote.

One person revealed the hack they use to stave off dehydration in her sick toddler. “Any time my toddlers are sick and I’m worried about dehydration I always put them on the bath to play,” she wrote, “because I know even if they are denying everything else they will most definitely drink the bath water🤣.” So gross — but also, so genius!

“Sounds about right,” someone else wrote. “The other day my toddler crunched on an unknown item, looked me in the eye, and signed for ‘more’. I was like GIRL I don’t even know what you want more of!? Lint? Dog food? A stale cheerio?” All of the above, likely!

Last month, Johnson shared with SheKnows that she is letting go of mom guilt this year. “I feel like with being a mom, the hardest part is that mom guilt and obsessing over not doing things perfectly,” she explained. “And I just kinda want to live in the moment and just do my best every single day that I can — whatever threshold that is — and leave the rest behind.”

It’s sound advice — even if that means not feeling guilty over the things your toddlers consume.

These Hollywood parents are an absolute hoot.

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