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To celebrate Malti Marie’s first Christmas, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas took their daughter to visit family in New Jersey. They saw Christmas lights — but first, showed off their baby’s adorable ‘fit, complete with the cutest yellow striped hat you’ve ever seen!

“Fit for the day,” Chopra captioned a photo on her Instagram Story last night. It’s a mirror selfie of her dressed in all black with a heavy coat holding Malti. The 11-month-old is dressed warmly in a sunshine-colored winter hat with a pom on the back. She’s also wearing matching yellow leggings and a fluffy white coat. She’s ready for anything!

The family is in the Garden State this week visiting the “Spaceman” singer’s hometown. Once they were all dressed up, they went out to see dazzling Christmas lights, which the Citadel star shared on Instagram.

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In one picture, Chopra holds Malti in a baby carrier on a walk through a neighborhood. In the next, Malti gazes at lights by a house, including a Santa and a glowing nutcracker display set up in the yard. She seems absolutely mesmerized, and it’s so cute.

Perfect winter days ❤️,” Chopra captioned the photos. Then she teased Jonas: “Ps: 1st pic- hubby is really interested in my mirror selfie 😂❤️,” she wrote, joking about a snap where Chopra is showing off her outfit while Jonas stares at his phone.

“Enjoy your holidays and first Christmas with baby MM 🥰❤️,” one person commented. Another said, “Welcome to New Jersey!!! Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family ❤️.”

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Malti has already enjoyed the holidays with her mom’s side of the family. In October, she celebrated Diwali dressed in a cream sari that matched her mama. “Love, peace and prosperity to all,” Chopra wrote about the event. “From a heart truly laden with gratitude, I wish you all a Happy Diwali.

In an interview with PureWow in Oct. 2021, Jonas opened up about starting his own traditions with Chopra.

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“Priyanka and I are making our own traditions now, which is pretty exciting,” he told the outlet. “The main one is to always eat some great food! We’ve also started to decorate cookies together, which is actually really fun for us.”

Last December, Chopra said being “together” was her favorite part of the holidays with Jonas. “The one thing is trying to be together because we’re always far away,” she told Good Morning America. “But besides that we’re still building. It’s still new. The one thing that we definitely try to do is make sure we have family around us — family and friends.”

Now that they are parents, they want to include their daughter in both of their traditions and cultures. “It’s really important to us that our daughter has an upbringing that is representative of our family and the things we love about [my wife’s] Indian culture and my American culture,” the Dancing With Myself judge told PEOPLE in June 2022.

That means Malti gets to celebrate double the holidays, with so many people who love her. Sounds pretty awesome!

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