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With a perfect pointed toe, a casualness about falling down (and there’s a lot of falling down), and an adorable smile at the camera, Shawn Johnson’s 2-year-old daughter Drew is the cutest little gymnast. The toddler is a mini Olympian already, and she recently showed off her skills in a new video, including an impressive flip off a balance beam that definitely made her mama proud. The clip is a major dose of cuteness!

“My heart is so full ☺️,” the four-time Olympic medalist wrote on Instagram yesterday, along with a clip of Drew, whom she shares with husband Andrew East.

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The clip begins with Drew dressed in a light pink leotard with hair in two pigtails. She’s jumping on the trampoline, then accidentally falls down. Next, she’s dressed in a black, sparky leotard as she walks down the balance beam, arms out by her sides, like a pro. At the end, she does a somersault flip into a foam pit like it’s the easiest thing in the world!

Other notable parts of the video include the toddler waiting in line on the balance beam, hands on her hips in a cute camera-ready pose. At the end, she points her toes as she walks down the beam, totally focused on what she’s doing. Then she bends down and does another flip into the foam pit, and it’s adorable. If the toddler Olympics were a thing, she would win gold!

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At the very end of the video, she’s just dancing on a mat, clearly having a blast. Fans couldn’t get enough of the cute little girl, with one person writing, “I can only imagine how you must have felt watching her!! ❤️❤️”

Another said, “Oh my gosh.. she is everything.”

“Ommmmg this is adorable!!” someone else wrote. “How cool to have a gymnast icon for a mom!!!”

In July, Johnson introduced Drew to her old gymnastics coach at the gym she trained for the Olympics at. In the video, she wrote, “Taking Drew to the gym I grew up in and realized my dreams was beyond special. Seeing how happy she was… I have no words. I hope you enjoy this video as much as we did.”

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In June, Johnson posted a video of Drew playing sports in honor of the 50th anniversary of Title IX. She wrote, “When I see my baby girl, I want her to have every opportunity to succeed and play whatever sport she wants (or no sports if that’s her preference!).”

Johnson also shares son Jett, 1, with East. He seems to take after his former NFL football player dad, recently posing with his “new favorite toy” a football.

These two kids are absolutely adorable, and we love seeing their interests and talent coming out already!

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